Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I'm back in a funk again. Not writing. I think the last round of edits took everything I had. I know new edits are coming my way soon too. I just finished the cover art request for Heat Waves. I really enjoyed writing this book and look forward to the release.

Instead of waking at 4-4:30am, I find myself sleeping until almost 7 every morning. Enough time to have coffee before starting my work day. Can you see the avoidance???

I have three wips, one for each publisher, I could be working on, but I'm not. Luckily none are under deadline. I have an idea for a M/M mulling around in my fried brain. I want to start it, but I'm waiting to hear what my editor thinks of another one I submitted.

I do hear the pool and my bright orange float calling my name! LOL With the limited sunshine this summer, I try to get outside as much as I possibly can. Hopefully I'll snap out of this mood soon and get back to writing.


  1. Enjoy the downtime:) I often have period of time when the characters 'go on vacation' but they usually return and yell at me until I sit down and start writing:)

  2. Yeah, don't sweat it. It will come when it comes. Sometimes I write better after a break.

  3. I'm hoping! :) Thanks for making me feel better though, Julia and Molly!