Friday, July 24, 2009


Still suffering from the blues. Nothing a little eye candy can't cure. ;-)

I've decided to keep the original AND rewrite the story. I'll see if I like the NEW version and if not, I'll submit it elsewhere.

Baby T, our granddaughter is visiting today. She'll boost my spirits. Softball this weekend. L still isn't playing, but it's the last tournament of the season and she'll be there to support the team.

Maybe I'll do some writing again. Hope everyone has a spectacular weekend!


  1. Invite the hottie to inspire you. He seems the sort to live up to the challenge. Squeeze the grandbaby... gently.

  2. Mmmm, he'd make a great boy toy! :)

  3. Hope the blues go away. Hopefully you'll get two different stories.

    We had softball this weekend, too. It never seems to end at my house.