Thursday, July 23, 2009


I received a rejection/rewrite offer. The biggest reason the story was rejected was because it didn’t fit the line I submitted it to. Okay, that’s understandable. But my editor is asking I drop the last 5k from the book. There are other things she’d like to see dropped too. This could mean another 1k plus being lost to the story. It’s only 25k as it is!

So what’s the dilemma? I like the “other” things she wants me to drop. For one it leads to another story. Hey, I like series what can I say. I’ve been plotting these two other characters story.

I could give the story to my other editor. But I like the line the editor is suggesting. I like the idea my book would be geared towards it. BUT I’m I really ready to sacrifice the story I had?

Too much to think about. Do I rewrite or submit elsewhere? I’m not sure what I’ll do. I have to give it some serious thought. For now I’ll just admire Marcus! ;-)


  1. Personally, I'd either send it elsewhere or ask a crit partner for their advice. Could you live with the changes? Could you work in the material somewhere else?

    I had to do this in one of my stories, because it didn't have the HEA. I have the original, and expanded one of the saved scenes to fit in some of the material from what I cut. When I 'get big and famous', I can release it again the way I want, hahahaha....

  2. A dilemma. But I always ask myself the financial question, too. Which publisher is most likely to gain/keep an audience for me? Where am I most seen? How important is it to keep great relationships with all editors--and keep a terrific relationship with Your Business Self?
    Lest us know what you decide!

  3. I'm not sure, Molly. I think that's why the decision is such a struggle. I know I can't make it work anywhere in the story, because she wants it O-U-T. It was a blatant reference to a second book. Obviously a no-no I wasn't aware of!

    Cerise, I thought about the financial side too. Yes, it would be wisest to make the changes for the money, but I'm not sure I'd feel good about doing just for money.