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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Ghost Hunters International returns tonight

Ghost Hunters International returns tonight. I’m a huge fan. While I prefer Ghost Hunters over GHI, I can’t help but be drawn to this show. I enjoy their methods of hunting. I’ve watched the other shows, like Ghost Adventures, and can’t seem to enjoy it as much.
My experience with the paranormal started when I was a child. The house we lived in was haunted. My father swore it was an old man who died in the house, but I have a different belief. I believe it was a little girl. A black figure would wake me frequently in the middle of the night. It would touch my arm or leg, rousing me from a sound sleep. It would just stand over me, watching me. It never did anything after waking me. Being the frightened little kid I was I’d hide under my covers.
The ghost had a thing for scaring my mother too. It’d open and close doors, turn on the water, knock things off shelves, all while she slept during the day. She was a nurse who worked the overnight shift and was home alone all day. It wasn’t just my mother though.
Long after my parents divorced my father had his GF move in. Strange things began happening to her too. Especially at Christmas time. It loved knocking a set of snowmen off the mantle. It didn’t stop there. My dad got into another relationship and it seems the ghost has taken to T. She’s experienced everything we have and more, including having the apparition appear to her.
I’ve begged my dad to let me submit a request to GH to come investigate the house. He won’t allow the Ghost Hunters into his home; he feels it’s not threatening anyone so leave it alone. Maybe someday he’ll change his mind or when the house is left to me I’ll finally be able to get the answers I’m looking for.
Have you had any experiences with the paranormal?


  1. Apparently in my very first apartment, there was a ghost of an old man. I never saw him, but I do remember the floorboards creaking at odd times. And the tenants who moved in after me said he like me, though he did not approve of the idiot I was dating!

    And my kids report seeing Grandpa every now and then...they just wish he'd keep his feet on the floor, though!

    We always know when he's around; we suddenly smell cigarrette smoke. And none of us smoke, so it's either him or my grandmother.

  2. To my knowledge I've never lived in a haunted house and the one you grew up in sounds scary. My daughter and I went to visit my son who lives with two other guys in a house. He's in college. Anyway, we went to vist and the other guys were gone so we girls stayed with my son. At one point that night, my daughter went in one of the bedrooms to make a phone call. She was still in there when I turned in for the night. The next morning she told me she heard a young girl laughing. She'd bumped her elbow and that's when she heard a soft laugh. The next morning she mentioned it to her brother and I and my son's eyes went wide. He goes....nooooo wayyyyy. He went on to tell us his roommate says the room is haunted by a little girl. Creeeeepy.

    I love GH and not so much GHI. My current favorite is Paranormal State and yeah, I love Ghost Adventures too. Those guys are soooo enthusiastic. Makes it fun to watch.

    Great Post!!!!

  3. Oh Molly, that's funny about the smoke. My kids and I often smell my dads pipe tobacco or the aftershave he always wore. Would come to us at odd time.

  4. Once it was so thick, there was a blue haze in the hallway! Spooky...

  5. ooooh, Regina, that is creepy!

    Molly, I agree with your kids. I'd want grandpa to have his feet on the floor too! :)

  6. Hi, Amber,
    I'm a GH fan, both shows, but the oiginal is the best.

    I've had a few experiences, most frightening was waking up one night with the sensation that an old woman was standing over my bed glaring at me. The next morning I mentioned it to my sister and she reluctantly told me her house was haunted by the former tenant, who often woke my sister up by glaring at her.

  7. When I was younger we couldn't admit to believing in ghosts - how far we've come.

  8. I love GH and GHI because they investigate with open minds to trickery or hauntings. Some shows project all findings as proof, like dust particles, but not the GH(I)teams.

    Excellent post. I've run across a few of my own including a crying child, slamming doors, my name being called at three of my childhood homes.

  9. Thanks for sharing, Mia! It's so fascinating to hear everyone's stories.

  10. I think the funniest "haunting" I've experienced was back in 1995 when a friend of my daughter's came to stay a couple of days to help me paint walls. I put him in my folks' old bedroom (and the bed they'd slept in for a long time) and didn't think a thing of it. You see, they never bothered me...I just knew they hadn't gone completely away after they died. Well, about 2 a.m. I heard a loud voice like someone was arguing, and then I heard a yelp. Then a loud thump. I got up and headed down the hall just as the friend came hustling out of the bedroom with his blanket in his arms, heading for the sofa. I asked if he was okay, and all he did was shake his head and run. My daughter later wheedled the story out of him. He was sound asleep, and then the lights came on, and some old man was shaking him hard, telling him to get the hell out of his bed. The guy got angry and told him to go f**k himself. Wrong thing to say. The old geezer then proceeded to climb into bed, and gave the guy (280 pounds) a hard shove, and he lit on the floor on the other side of the bed. The guy got up to tell the old man off, but the bed was empty. Neatly made up. Pillows fluffed. As if nobody had been sleeping there. He grabbed the blanket, (he swears somebody was fighting him for it) and went to sleep on the sofa. When I realized who the "geezer" was, I just looked at my daughter and we both laughed. He must have thought we were total nut cases.

  11. LOL - what a funny story. But it would have scared the shit out of me!

  12. No shit! I had the exact same experience as a child - a ghost of an old man in the house we lived in! I've since lived in a nasty Amityville-type Horror haunted house. See ghosts all the time - mostly I tell them to go away. I don't want to see them. All these comments are amazing!

  13. Aren't they? I didn't expect so many friends to have had experiences too. Creepy!