Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Trying to get thru the day

Went to the doctor's today. Was poked, prodded and just tortured. Currently all the tests are inconclusive. I'll have to return in two weeks for more testing. My fate is still undetermined. Frustrating to say the least when a doctor can't give you all the answers you need. So we wait. Did I tell you I'm not a patient person?

On the writing front, one of my editors will not move forward with offering me a contract until I change the title. It seems Cabin Fever has been used in the past. So I've given her one list which she didn't like. I'm in the midst of creating a second list, hoping she likes one of them.

Not much of anything else going on for me. I did post at Six Sexy Scribes today. Stop by and check out my first review of Talk Dirty to Topaz!


Oh and got notice edits for Heat Waves will be coming today or tomorrow! Fun, fun, fun!


  1. Hugs Amber. Hope everything goes well, both medically and finding a title:)

  2. Wow, Amber, hope everything is okay. Sounds like you've got lots going on.

  3. Rooting for you to be well and write LOTS!
    And titles are transient. It's the writing, the text that counts. Be cool.