Friday, December 11, 2009

I Did It - Finally

I submitted Research Required to my editor. I feel like this story has been sitting on my desk forever. It has been months. The good news was my editor said she'd get back to me "very" soon, definitely before the normal "eight" weeks. I'm hoping for an answer before the end of the year. It would certainly be a nice way to end 2009.

Today the temperatures are frigid, so I'll spend the day doing Christmas cards, wrapping and finishing the decorating.

Tomorrow I'll start editing book one in the Shea Manor series and writing up the proposal. Not sure where this series will land, but I'm sure it will find a good home.

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. Doesn't it make you feel warm and cozy, knowing you're finally finished with a pet project? Good for you! Here's hoping you hear from your editor soon:)

  2. Good luck with Research Required. It's always a present when I get a book acceptance. I've had "Abracadabra" on submission for a couple weeks now and am anxious to hear back.

    I'm also anxious to finish my wip. I'm not sure yet if I'll call it "Casualties of War" or "Scene of the Crime" or something else.

    We still need to put up the Christmas tree and more decorations. I still have to send out my Christmas cards. Although I'm feeling somewhat better than earlier in the week, I'm not up to much standing and moving around yet. On a positive note, most of my gift shopping is done. Thank you Amazon, Bealls, Hickory Farm and Walmart. We even made a bunch of mini banana breads with bananas off our own tree last weekend for my coworkers.

  3. Congrats Amber!! Isn't it such a great feeling to get a project done and out the door? And I love the title!!!!