Tuesday, December 1, 2009

They Got Me...URGH!!!

I’ve been pirated. I guess I should be happy it took nearly a year, but I'm not. It happened over the weekend. Thanks to the wonderful Google alerts I learned Mistletoe Studs and Splashing Good Time were stolen. Over the last year my heart has gone out to all my friends who had to experience this feeling of dread. As a writer I know how much of their blood, sweat and tears go into writing a book. To have it stolen by these f*cking a$$holes is just frustrating. Now it's my turn to experience it firsthand.
On a lighter note the DH and I enjoyed six days off. It was wonderful visiting with family and friends in NY. My mother and her desire to brag about her published daughter told my eighty-three year old grandfather about my books. His SO decided to Google me and although my mother had warned her it was racy, they were appalled. So much so my grandfather wanted to know when was the last time I read the Bible. Guess I know what I’ll be getting for Christmas! LOL
On our trip back we got a call informing us that my FIL was rushed to the hospital. They weren’t sure what was wrong with him. it’s not easy driving three hours worrying about a loved one. They were worried it could be a heart attack, stroke or his MS. Turns out it was only a kidney stone. I know I shouldn’t say “only” because I’m sure when he passes it he’ll know what any woman who has delivered a baby feels like. But it could’ve been worse.
Spent a great day with the granddaughter Saturday. Sunday we decorated the front yard. The people who live across the street hate when we decorate. They think we go overboard. I’ll have to post a pic soon. It’s really not that much. Yesterday we got to see a movie – 2012. I enjoyed it, but that’s all I’m going to say about it. :)
I can’t believe it’s December and Nano is over. While I didn’t reach my 50k goal I’m pleased with what I accomplished. I barely did any writing while away this time. Oh well.
Back to work today! Hope everyone has a wonderful Tuesday.


  1. Glad you FIL is all right!

    I once had a woman write me a note, inviting me to 'meet her friend who died on the cross'. Since I am WELL acquainted with Him, I wadded it up and threw it away. And while my mother prefer I write Christian Inspy, she's told me, 'I may not be proud of WHAT you write, but I'll always be proud of your writing ABILITY.' Thanks Mom:)

  2. Awww, enjoy that Christmas Bible!!!! Snicker.

    I detest those pirates! Sorry they got you!

  3. Yeah, I'll enjoy that Bible, Regina! :)

    Thanks Kenzie!

  4. Sorry they got you, Amber. How frustrating!!!