Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays

This is me on Christmas morning. I've been this way since I knew what Christmas and Santa were. My parents would sleep and I'd sneak out to the tree, stack all the presents in neat little piles for the three of us and wait. Like a good little child I'd check out all the cool stuff Santa brought, peek in my stocking, and anticipate what was wrapped.
As a new parent some twenty-two years ago I couldn't wait for my son to wake me up on Christmas morning all excited because Santa arrived while he was sleeping. That never happened! While most parents beg their kids for another hour - I always had to wake mine up. Not that they weren't excited about the holiday, they're just heavy sleepers. I'm hoping the grandbaby and new baby are different! LOL Either way I'll be up at the crack of dawn waiting!
This year I'm blessed with a house full of children again. Hope this holiday season finds you healthy, happy and full of many blessings!


  1. Mine were like that too, Amber. Most depressing to STILL be the first one up every single Christmas morning.

  2. LOL:) The first Christmas my husband and I shared, he LAUGHED at me because I woke him up with 'Santa came! Get up, get up!' even though I was the one who had spent many days wrapping all the gifts I'd bought for us:)

    Our tradition of waking up the parents was started the year I was five. Apparently, I 'couldn't wait' and opened a gift labelled for my dad (we share the same first initial), and was upset because it wasn't anything I wanted! So from then on, my sis and I would wake up, snoop through the packages and find our piles, and then wake the parents. Dad would turn on the lights, turn up the furnace, put on some Christmas music, and we'd troop out of the bedroom with mom, eager to see what was in our stockings and open the presents:)

  3. My kids were ALWAYS up at the crack of dawn, sometimes earlier. I know by mid-afternoon my husband and I were ready for a NAP! Happy Holidays to you and yours, Amber. Here's hoping someone wakes you up!!!