Thursday, July 8, 2010


Before we left for Hershey PA the DH mentioned he’d like to go to Gettysburg. I didn’t think much of it because we only had two full days and a two-day hopper to the park. Friday night he brought a brochure up to the room listing all the events taking place in Gettysburg.
The one thing that caught my eye was the ghost tours. As someone who believes, this was something I was definitely interested in doing. The three thirteen year olds weren’t as interested in seeing history. It’s summer vacation after all. Why would they want to do something school related. LOL
Finally they decided it would be cool and we cut our day at the park short. Seriously two day’s is too much in my opinion.
So Saturday night we took the 45 min drive to Gettysburg. How fun it was to drive thru the town and see all the people dressed in period attire. Tour guides were roaming the streets with candle lanterns in search of ghosts.
Before our ghost tour we walked the cemetery and took lots of pictures. I have to upload them still, but I’ll share some at a later date. We stood in the battlefields and absorb a huge part of history. It was eerie, yet thrilling to be standing in the same spot where the Civil War took place and the backdrop of where Lincoln gave his famous Gettysburg address.
At nine we met up with our ghost tour guide and she showed us some hot spots. She started beside an orphanage where it was claimed the woman who ran it was very abusive to the children. It’s said she dragged one boy outside, in the dead of winter, with barely any clothing and bare-footed. She locked him in an outhouse to die. He was found hours later clinging to life. If it weren’t for the couple he would have died.
In the area that now houses many little shops is where the children used to play. Many shop owners and the hotel owners believe they hear the children playing from time to time. It’s here that I thought I might have had a personal experience.
We were leaving to go to the next hot spot when it felt like a bug or something flew into my hair. I frantically brushed it out but there was nothing there. Was it one of the children playing pranks on me? I’ll never know.
While in Jennie Wade’s home, the only civilian killed during the battle my daughter and one of her friends were being funny and trying to scare the people below, by pretending to be the girl people believe they see in the window. WELL, as they’re doing this the curtains come falling down on them. At first I’m totally ticked off. I can’t believe they’d get so out of hand to the point of pulling the curtains down. Only to have the guide come over and say, “This happens at least once a year”. Here’s where it gets creepy. The curtains are on holders that are very hard to pull off the wall. She demonstrated it for us. She had difficulty pulling them off after she put them back in the wall and you could hear a loud pop from the suction. I didn’t hear anything when they fell the first time and I was standing right there.
Was Jennie pissed that they were trying to steal her limelight? Hmmmm, food for thought.


  1. Oh my, sounds... a little creepy. Definately not the sort of thing I'd normally do but I woldn't mind getting scared a little.. or a lot. :)

  2. Ooooh, I'd love to go to Hershey or even Gettysburg someday! Can't wait to see your pics:)