Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Procrastinating Again!

Procrastination has been my friend in July. Yes, I’ve had tons of edits, but I normally can do both writing and edits. I try to average 1k daily. During this month I started three different stories. One was a Christmas story and two erotic contemporaries. I’ve managed to write a total of 15k this month. Not one of the stories is finished. The Christmas one is close – a few thousand. The other two are just in the beginning stages. I’ve got lots of ideas for them, but have no desire to write.
I’m still getting up at the same time, going through the motions, but not writing. On top of that my family came in for a vacation. Granted I’m not on vacation, but they’re stopping by daily to visit and hang out. Unfortunately family doesn’t get the process of working from home. They think you’re home, what could you possibly be doing. HA!
I love them dearly and it’s great to see them, but AFTER work is over. LOL
Off to edit! The story of my life.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. happy writing amber, or at least happy procrastinating, i do the same thing. 1k is a good daily goal but i'm lagging way behind too. i don't even have family in town, just 4 kids under the age of 11 driving me insane! Have a great day !

  2. LOL! Just finished edit number one of the edit from hell - a solid week of work - 16 hours yesterday. Can't wait for the second round!

  3. Awwww, writing! What the HELL is THAT? I've done almost none this whole summer and I know what you mean about family not 'getting it'. Very frustrating.