Monday, July 19, 2010


I've always had a fascination with Cougars. I find them to be such beautiful creatures. While in PA I got to see two at the zoo. For me it broke my heart. These animals need room to run, but that's not why I'm writing about them today. I'm not going to get all animal rights on you. Instead I'm going to share some wonderful news with you!

A few months ago a wonderful group of ladies invited me in to their series The Cougar Challenge. I was a bit nervous. These are talented authors. Would I be able to live up to their standards? Could I write a story they'd like?


I'm thrilled to announce my story Gettin' Lucky has been contracted as part of the Cougar Challenge. I don't have a release date yet, but I'm hoping before Romanticon so I can enjoy the Cougar Growl with them.

I can finally say - I am Cougar hear me Growl! :)

Happy Monday!


  1. Excellent news, Amber! Congratulations! I love the Cougar Challenge books and can't wait to read yours! :)

  2. Congratulations. I enjoyed your blog

  3. Remind me some day of a short time about 13 years ago when I lived the challenge *wink*.....

    Just finished an older woman/younger man novella - I love this genre! And so much good luck and lots of sales for your entry into the world of the Cougar Challenge books! You deserve all the success thats out there.