Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

There won't be any celebrating in our house. It seems weird. For the last 23 years I've had a child to celebrate with. This year two of them are in NY and the other is only taking her daughter to the houses on her block.

DH was given tickets to the Patriots for his 40th and at the time we didn't realize the game was on Halloween. Needless to say all that candy we bought in Hershey PA won't be handed out to little trick or treaters. No, it will be plastered on my hips!

Have a fun day!


  1. Have fun at the Pats game later. Bundle up, it's going to be chilly. Bring the candy to the game and pass it out to the kids that are there. Your hips will never forgive you if you have to spend extra time on the treadmill.

  2. My kid missed out on her first Halloween. She got sick, poor thing. But a grandma and aunt came over to give her their halloween presents.

    We didn't get any trick or treaters either. So, guess that means I have to eat all of it too!!