Friday, October 8, 2010

Cindy Spencer Pape is in the House

Today please give a warm welcome to Cindy Spencer Pape (who I've probably hugged and gushed over by now at RomantiCon). Please excuse me Cindy if I make a fool of myself, but I am a big fan of yours. :0)

1. Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Sigh. Everywhere. I’d love to see the British Isles, the rest of Europe, the pyramids, Australia, Asia, Mayan pyramids, you name it. Why? Well, old things appeal to me, and some of the ancient structures of the world are high on my wish list to see. I also love natural beauty, especially beaches, and as a former wildlife biologist, I’d love to see some of the animals I know from zoos in their natural settings. Does travel play in the writing of your books? Occasionally. I don’t think about it as such, but I try to set the book wherever the book needs to be set.

2. Where do you research for your books?

Well, since I can’t afford to travel yet, my two primary sources are the internet and the library. I DO try to use academic sites, serious history organizations, for example, or local travel bureau information rather than the less reliable Wikis and such.

3. What does your family think of your writing career?

They’re mostly very supportive. Shortly after I sold my first book, my computer broke, and my father ran out and got me a new one so I could keep writing. My sons think it’s cool, even though they have NO interest in actually reading my “girl books”. My husband is my biggest supporter, always there to give me an ego boost when I’m feeling low. He’s been willing to put up with the slow climb to actually making money, and I absolutely couldn’t do this without him. Does your significant other read your stuff? Only if I beg. If there’s something I’m having trouble with, he’ll pitch in and help, (a passage involving military stuff, for instance—he read that and fixed it) and he’s available to bounce ideas off of—and really quite good at it. Do you have critique partners or beta readers, then? I do. I have another erotic/romance author I send stuff back and forth with on pretty much a daily basis, and I have a local critique group, a mix of romance, horror, and SF/F who will read anything BUT erotic.

4. Do you hear from your readers?

Not as often as I’d like. I’m always so thrilled when I do—it still amazes me that anybody actually buys my books and reads them. It’s such a rush. What kinds of questions do they ask? If they ask a question it’s usually “Are you doing a book about so-and-so?” or “When does the next book in this series come out?”

5. What do you think makes a good story?

It has to grab you and pull you in. I read romance because I want to take a break from reality and go someplace where I know there’s going to be a happy ending. For romance, what I need is a heroine I can identify with, at least a little, a hero I can fall in love with, and a plot that makes the two of them work for their happiness. And of course, the HEA is NOT optional in my world.

6. Morning Or Night Person?

Absolutely NOT a morning person, though I’m occasionally forced to conform to the rest of the world.

7. What would we find under your bed?

I’m writing this before Romanticon, though by the time it posts, Amber, you and I will both be there. Stored under my bed: a suitcase storing antique paintings done by my dh’s grandmother—there are too many to have on the walls all at once. A plastic bin of purses and tote bags, and my dh’s mandolin. Well, there are also dust bunnies the size of rhinos, and usually a missing sock or two, maybe a couple dog toys that get kicked under there. This week, I also have stuff I’m getting together for Romanticon.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers? THANK YOU! Without you, I couldn’t do what I do, and I’m very, very lucky to be able to tell stories for a living. I really do love to hear from you, and here’s where you can find me on the web:

Tell us about your current release(s). I have two that came out this last week!

Just for Jess (Immortal Cravings #3)
Release Date: Oct. 5, 2010
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Vampire Jessamy Maitland is a classic workaholic, until her friends team up to buy her a weekend with the incredibly sexy vampire Dermott McMahon on his luxurious private island. Dermott is determined to get Jess to kick back and relax, so he’s enlisted the help of three lion shifter friends.

Jess finds herself faced with three days of no phone, no computer and four sexy, horny males, all determined to wait on her hand and foot and show her a scorching good time. Naked. Together. In ways she’s never imagined. With those odds, what’s a vampire to do? There’s nothing for it but take them up on their offer and discover that sometimes it’s okay to play.

* * * * *

Motor City Witch (Urban Arcana Book #2)
Release Date: October 4, 2010
Publisher: Carina Press
She’d left magic behind.

Once upon a time, Elise Sutton had been a powerful witch and paranormal enforcer. Once she’d been madly in love with Fae lord Aidan Greene. But when Aidan had considered his duties more important than their relationship, the love affair ended badly. Shortly after, while on the hunt for a rogue demon, Elise was brutalized and almost killed. Months later she gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. To protect her child—and her heart—Elise decided to live a nonmagical life.

Until she meets Aidan again, and he assumes Dina is his daughter. When Dina is kidnapped by a racial purity movement, Elise turns to Aidan for help. The icy facade she has built around herself shatters at Aidan’s touch. Together they have to hunt through the human and faery worlds to find Dina...and to discover whether or not they have any kind of chance at a happily ever after.


  1. Hi, Cindy! I liked reading yor interview. That's wonderful how supportive your family is. The women in mine will buy my books, but I doubt anyone would ever run out and get me a new computer...and my lap top is about to bite the big one.

    Congrats on your new releases! Motor City Witch came out on my birthday!

  2. LOL ya think your father would adopt me? Hahahahaha....seriously, it's fantastic your family is supportive!