Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ripped Off - Almost!

I’m finally starting to feel better. Last night I didn’t feel like cooking after a rough day at work, so we decided to order Chinese. I forgot to ask the price so I put out $48 – 2 twenties, a five and three ones. Now mind you I explained to the DH why I took out so much in case I didn’t answer the door.
So the dogs needed to go out and I was doing that when the food arrived. I hear the DH say, “You’re all set.” And he closed the door.
I say, “You know there was $48 right.”
“Oh, shit!” He calls the guy back just as he’s getting into his car.
The guy who is holding $28 in one hand and $20 in the other. He proceeds to argue with my husband that he only gave him $28. I come down and explain nicely that there was $48. After going back and forth for a minute or so, my husband takes the $20 out of the guys hand and says, “You’re all set!”
I was really pissed and don’t think I’ll order from them again. He knowingly walked away with an extra $20 and wasn’t going to say a word. Nothing like trying to rip us off. JERK! LOL
Okay, now that is out of my system. I have another busy day ahead of me.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. I guess he expected to be long gone before you realized the error. That really sucks! I hope that the food was good at least.