Wednesday, October 27, 2010

In Limbo

What I thought were my edits were not. Well, technically they should’ve been. See my editor forgot to attach them. So while she’s doing her editor stuff thinking I’m busy making those fabulous edits she suggested – I’M NOT. Instead, I’m nervously waiting for her to read my email saying please send the edits!!!!!! I hope you read my blog edit goddess!
I could be making the revisions on the other story, but I’ve been mulling over how to proceed with them. Once it clicks I’ll get them done quickly…it’s just getting it to CLICK.
In other news…I learned that I will have yet another print book out this autumn. Body Shots will be part of the Wet Series anthology and I’m honored to be included in a book with, M.A Ellis, Helen Hardt, Kat Alexis, Kelly Jamieson and Ainsley Abbott. Can you see why I’m excited…look at who I’m sharing book space with!
It’s a rainy day here in RI. Yesterday was absolutely gorgeous – seventy degrees. I loved every minute of it. I even felt good up until midnight. I’ll leave the gory details out. My youngest is home sick from school for day two. l brought her to the doctors this morning to make sure she didn’t have strep. While she doesn’t have her tonsils, she’s been known to still contract strep occasionally. The results were negative and she’s resting. YAY
Happy Wednesday!


  1. It's 52 degrees here. And I swear if feels like it's 32 degrees inside. I'm freezing. If only someone in this library would turn on a heater.

    Anyway, hope the edits get straightened out. Congrats on Body Shots!!! WOW.

    Thank goodness it wasn't Strep. I swear I got that once a year when I was little.

  2. I saw that too, Amber! This will be my first print book with EC and I'm excited. I'm glad we'll be sharing space :).

  3. Yi! Hope you get those edits. Hope your daughter feels better soon - you too! Congrats on Body Shots!

  4. Congrats on the book in print! Can't wait to read it. I hope that you and your daughter start feel better soon. Good luck on the edits.