Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Got Eggs?

I got so used to not blogging while away I almost forgot today.
I thought I took more pics than I did. It turns out most of mine were of Angelo. Go figure, right!

As you know I had a fantastic time at RomantiCon. Fran Lee and I did a reader based workshop to find out what readers are interested in seeing or not seeing in books. Most said they want a HEA, Happily Ever After or at least a promise of one, aka Happy For Now.
I personally always write this way, because as a reader it’s what I want too.
Anyway the day of the workshop I had a terrible sore throat. I wasn’t, instead it was induced by my DH’s sense of humor or timing for that matter.
Early Saturday morning we went to the breakfast buffet. Now, mind you I didn’t care for the scrambled eggs the day before and they were serving them again. They did look better so I took a small scoop and loaded my plate with fruit. I’m a breakfast person. I wanted breakfast.
So we go sit down and I’m picking at my fruit. I decide to try my eggs. Just as I shovel some in the DH says, “Yup, same yummy eggs as yesterday. My ass is already clenching.”
I begin to laugh so hard, the eggs go down the wrong pipe. I started choking and coughing like crazy. Yup this is why I had a sore throat the rest of the day and had trouble speaking during my workshop.
Thanks Honey!!!!!!!!
Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Oh God, Amber - he made me choke too! I'm glad you had fun and I'd love to hear more about your seminar!