Monday, October 18, 2010

Iz Sic

First things first MARIA you won Tina Donahue's contest. Please contact me for the information.

Okay, so I’m sick. I knew this was inevitable. Being around all the people last weekend and running non-stop for six days straight was likely to compromise my immune system. Whatever it is my body is trying to fight it, but I’m slowly weakening. I’m thinking a day in bed is needed, but the day job isn’t feeling it.
The DH was so sweet last night. My throat hurt so much and he knows I can’t stomach tea. I wish I could because I really wanted some yesterday. Anyway, the DH made me Caffeine Free Hot Cocoa. (He also knows I can only have a limited amount of caffeine) It’s called Good Night Kisses. We bought it last week while in Hershey. Well it knocked me out! LOL
In other news:

I received my cover art for Naughty St. Nick and can’t wait to share it with everyone – in a few days. :o)

I’m also to a point where I’ll be able to submit the partial to my editor. I’m excited.
Off to chill out with some hot soup or something.

Happy Monday!


  1. Sorry to hear you're sick, feel better soon.

  2. I hope that you are feeling better soon. Can't wait to see the cover art. I am sure that it will be quite the "gift". Chill and enjoy the rest of the day.