Monday, January 10, 2011

And So It Begins

It’s Monday again. The start of another work week. This weekend I spent quietly for the most part. I did go to my writer’s meeting and mingled with writers. A much needed time for this lonely profession.
I worked hard on two wips and made great headway. I can see the end in sight for both.
I got this funny clip from one of my loops and thought I’d share it with you today.
Today I must get the proper paperwork filled out for my contracted story All or Nothing. I sent Chasing Forever off to a new publishing house last Friday. This week I’m working hard on editing my Contemporary Romance for my agent/editor appointments.
The NEC conference is offering a great deal. If you signed up early you could send the agent and/or editor of your choice 10 pages of your manuscript for them to read prior to your appointment. In my opinion this is awesome. It will make the time spent with the agent/editor go smoother. At least I hope!
Hope you have a Happy Monday!


  1. Ha!!!! OMG, what an awesome clip. I'm going to forward that one to some friends. :)

    Amber, how on Earth do you find the time to do all that stuff? And what conference is the NEC? Congrats on possibly acquiring a new house! There's just so much great news today!

  2. NEC is the New England Chapter of RWA. They are holding their conference in Salem MA this year. Really looking forward to staying at a haunted hotel. :)

  3. Great clip. Sending material off before your editor/agent appointment is huge! Such a great idea. Best wishes for it!!

  4. Ohhh! A haunted hotel! I will have to check this out! Good luck with everything.

  5. Amber, you're killing me! Bloody hell! Mia...let's go with her!

  6. NEC sounds fantastic!
    Have a great week, Amber!