Friday, January 28, 2011

Things That Make Me Want to Scream

Okay, so it’s not things…it’s a thing. My ice machine on my refrigerator. The ice maker is very loud and obnoxious when dispensing cubes, especially when you’re sleeping.
I have this pet peeve about using the ice dispenser when people are sleeping in the house. DON’T DO IT. What is wrong with sticking your hand inside the freezer and grabbing the cubes?
Why am I ranting about ice you wonder? Well I have this habit of falling asleep on the couch every night. I have a contemporary ranch, so the kitchen is open overlooking the living room. No walls to block out sound. The DH has a nightly habit too. He’ll let the dogs out, grab himself a glass of ice water and pull down the bed. Last night was no different.
He went to the kitchen and sure enough gets some ice which proceeded to scare the living daylights out of me. He then whispers to the dogs. “Come on, guys. Time to go out.”
I was tempted to scream, “WTF are you whispering for. You’ve already woke me up with the ice dispenser.”
I didn’t.
Instead I stewed on the couch, letting him go to bed alone. I was so pissed it wasn’t funny.
Now mind you he watches me open the freezer every single night to grab my ice and quietly put it in my glass. I don’t want to wake the sleeping children in the house. So I stayed up watching television and sending out query letters until almost 2am. Hey, at least I was productive, right?
Off my soapbox. This morning I managed to write THE END on my latest WIP Rainy Day. I’ll edit it this weekend while in the hotel room in NY. I’m going home to celebrate my cousin’s 40th birthday. I’m looking forward to seeing my family.
Hope you have a fantastic weekend!


  1. Ahh. The End. I love typing those words.

    I don't have an ice despenser in my fridge, but it seems like if my baby sleeps in any morning, I STILL wake her up when I open the door and quietly try to fill my office cup with ice. GRR. Why can't I have a kid that'll sleep through a tornado?

  2. Interupted sleep is the WORST! At least you got something done.

  3. It's the little things that always drive us crazy! But congrats on finishing the mss and have a great trip!

  4. Ditto with mine. He did not know this noise was annoying. He thought I was tacking the ice from the bucket, because I never had a dispenser. How long have you been married? LOL Maybe you should tell him. ROFL

  5. My comment just disappeared. Anyway, as I was saying-- This is funny. Dozing on the sofa can be annoying to your sleep! I hate those noisy ice machines too. Well at least you got some work done.

    Have fun visiting your family this weekend.

  6. Oh well, Amber - you and I - sleep-deprived sisters! Sounds like you were productive tho.

  7. Have a good time with family and friends. The husbands certainly know what to do to make us scream (I'm not talking about in the good way either!). Mine likes to start looking for things that he hasn't seen in years right as I want to go to sleep. It's not like he doesn't have all day to do it!

  8. I replaced my fridge this autumn and deliberately bought a model without an ice-dispenser. The guys frowned at my choice. I hate the slippery runaway ice-cubes that lay in wait for the unsuspecting as they melt on the kitchen floor.
    XXOO Kat
    PS good work and congratulations on finishing a WIP!