Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Winter Wonderland

It’s happening again. Another winter storm. I woke at 2am to snow falling pretty heavily. Of course I climbed back into bed until 4. ;) There was a good six inches on the ground by then.
Our son generously stayed the night to help the DH with shoveling today. What a good kid. His work announced they’d be closed today as is most of RI. So, today in between working the day job, I’ll be making hot chocolate and keeping the guys warm.
In other news: I keep track of the news local to the town I come from back in Upstate New York on a daily basis. This morning as I was reading the news I was surprised to learn they will be charging some high school teens with cyber bullying. It’s the first case since cyber bullying became a crime. I for one I’m pleased to see this happening. These girls allegedly are circulating sexual pics of another girl and saying nasty things about her. All on Facebook. The police were able to have the Facebook pages shut down until the investigation is complete.
There’s a very good chance I know the parents of these teens and I do feel sorry for them, but they’re obviously not keeping track of what their children are doing online. As a parent it’s their responsibility. My daughter was a target of cyber bullying. I went to the parent and threatened to get the police involved. The girl stopped immediately. I gave them their ONE and only chance. If it happens again you can bet your sweet ass I’ll have the police involved. Cross me once I may forgive you. Cross me twice, let’s just say I’m a Scorpio and I don’t forgive easily. Sweet little Amber has an evil side. LOL
In writing news, tomorrow I’m over at Love Romances Café yahoo group for a chat from 1-3pm EST. It’s my first of the New Year, so if you’re around drop in and say hi!
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Hope you don't get too much more snow.

    Cyber bullying is such a problem now. My heart goes out to all the kids dealing with these problems. It was so much easier when we were kids. You knew who was doing the bullying and it didn't go any farther than the school.

  2. I know an SRO officer for a high school and he has had to deal with cyber stuff quite a bit. Do these people not realize Facebook means public to everyone and you get caught VERY easily??

  3. I had no idea it was illegal now. That's fantastic! I don't know how you kept your head on the warning shot, but I think I would have had to beat the sh*t out of someone for it. Of course, I'm an Aries and I tend to act first, stubbornly, then think about the consequences later.

  4. No bullying should ever be tolerate. A two snap clap for you for doing something about it. Facebook can sometimes be a very evil thing! Good luck with the chat group tomorrow.

  5. Yes, playground bullies have morphed into cyber-bullies. I'm glad it's a crime now. Congrats on the additional snow!