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Thursday, March 24, 2011


I’ve been busying writing and neglecting the blog. I’ve added almost 4k to my wip in the last two days. The plan was to wake up early and add another 1500, but I overslept. When I say I overslept I mean I only had 15 mins to get my daughter up and to the bus stop so she wouldn’t be late. Not that she cared because with most teens she sleeps until the very last second. Ugh!
I was hoping to finish this wip – Looking Thru the Glass by the 31st, but I’m thinking it will more likely be the first week in April. No biggie, but I have this pesky heroine from another book harassing me to write her story. The worst part is she’s wielding a sledge hammer and I don’t want to mess with her. I want her to get all her frustrations out on the kitchen cabinets she’s hell bent on destroying! LOL
Tomorrow is release day for me. I’m excited. I had fun writing this quickie and I hope you all enjoy it! :o)
So off to write a blog for my visit to Three Wicked Writers this Sunday and if all goes according to plan – HA! I’ll add more to my wip.
Happy Thursday!


  1. YAY, glad you are coming over the Three Wicked Writers for a visit! Hey, we must be on the same schedule or something. I wanted to finish my newest by the end of the month but I honestly don't think that's going to happen. Spring Break seriously messed with my 'mind set' and I must still be in vacation mode. Congrats on your release on Friday! I'll blog it if that's okay with you.

  2. Happy Thursday. Congrats on the release!! My first erotica is coming out tomorrow as well. Too exciting; I actually share a date with THE Amber Skyze. I don't think I'd mess with sledge hammer lady either; give the woman what she wants. Then again, I'm one of those peole that work on five WIPs at once. So yeah, whatever works for you.

  3. Congrats on your upcoming release day! You are always busy, Amber. And I think you blog a more that many do!

  4. Hey, congrats tomorrow! I'm surprised you even have time to drop us a note.

  5. Happy Thursday, and congrats on tomorrow's new release!

  6. Yay for tomorrow's release day:) I'm a fan of TWWPT so I'll see you over there:)

    And don't feel bad; I've woken up and had only 15 mins to get everyone out of bed and off to school too:) Hectic, but it CAN be done!

  7. Happy almost release day! Wow! You have been busy. After can you send your heroine over to my house to work out some frustrations on MY kitchen cabinets? I might even help her out. LOL!