Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Cover Art

Here is my new cover art for Just Another Rainy Day. Seeing as the heroine wakes up handcuffed to her bed I felt this cover was fitting. Yesterday I finished edits on this so hopefully I’ll have a release date soon! :o)
Even though I was deathly sick for four days I was super busy. I finished rounds two and three on All or Nothing. That book finally went to finals. YAY!
I wrote my query letter to the agent I’m meeting with at NECRWA, along with sending off the first 10 pages of my contemporary.
Now I’m waiting not so patiently to hear back on two submissions. One has been out for a month, the other only a week and a half. It doesn’t stop me from checking email compulsively. Lol
Time to do some writing!
Happy Wednesday.


  1. Gorgeous cover. Glad you're feeling better!

  2. Nice! Love the cover and all that fishnet! Sounds like you're busy. I always check my emails hourly when a submission is out. Just can't help it!

  3. Love the cover art! You know me. I am constantly checking!

  4. Lovely sexy cover, Amber! So glad you are now feeling better.

  5. Yay, Amber! Nice. Next time you're deathly ill, don't work so hard!

  6. Very sexy cover. You sound like a busy lady :).