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Thursday, March 31, 2011

IT'S A?????

I don’t know yet, but we’re hoping we can find out at our appointment today! I know Molly is disappointed that we want to know, but in all honesty you can’t buy neutral stuff anymore. It’s not like when I had children 13 yrs ago. Now the only colors the stores carry are pink and blue. This frustrates me. I don’t need everything to be one or the other. I like yellow and green too. I finally got back to writing this morning. I’ve been suffering from another head cold and it’s worn me down. I plan on reading Pampering Jessica today, written by the lovely Tessie Bradford. The Northeast is expecting another snow storm…luckily this one will miss us! YAY!!!! Doing the happy dance. I’m thinking about opening the pool, not shoveling snow! Happy Thursday.


  1. We'll be waiting to hear the news. Good luck on getting over the cold.

  2. Oh, you big tease! I thought you were going to tell us an answer with that kind of title! Still, this is exciting; you get to find out today!!!!! The baby store is a big sea of pink and blue isn't it? I think I recieved one yellow thing at all my baby showers.

  3. What an exciting day for you! Can't wait to hear the news too. Take care of yourself and be easy on you. A cold is nothing to *sneeze* at in your condition. (sorry, just had to pun)

    I'm also hoping for spring. Ugh on this weather.

  4. Sorry to hear about the storm and your cold. Hope you get wonderful news! I know you'll be happy with either!

  5. How exciting! Hopefully the little darling will be in the correct position! I know technology is far better now than it was when I had my daughter, but for each of my ultra sounds, she was curled up in such a way that they couldn't tell!
    I hope your cold goes away asap.