Monday, March 21, 2011

Spring has arrived

Today is a return to the daily grind. It’s dreary outside after a beautiful weekend. The DH and I got a lot done around the house. Things that had to wait because, someone was sick in our house every weekend the last five weeks.
We managed to get to the movies yesterday afternoon. We did see Limitless. I really enjoyed the movie. When it starts out Bradley Cooper is a writer suffering from writer’s block. He’s scraggly, his apartment is a mess and his life is falling apart. I could relate to the writer’s block part. We’ve all suffered from it at some point in our life. I looked to the DH and asked, “Do I look like that?”
There are times when I stay in my pj’s until 5pm or so, but I thought the way they portrayed him was a bit over the top. Hubby reassured me that I wasn’t that bad. LOL
The character took this pill that opened all parts of his brain. He sat down and wrote a book in four days. I immediately wanted this pill! Seriously. I’d love to have the energy to write a full length book in four days. I’d love something that allowed my brain to write for more than 1-2 hours.
Anyway, the two hours flew by and I didn’t check my phone for the time once. So, that’s a good movie to me.
I looked at my calendar this morning and realized the writer’s conference I’m attending is only a month away. NECRWA will be held April 29-30th. I have to get my butt in gear and get my promo together. There isn’t much time.
This week will be busy prepping and getting other writer stuff done, along with the day job which has picked up again.
Happy Spring!


  1. I need that pill. Wonder where it's available?

  2. I would also like that pill. It would be wonderful to write a book in a short amount of time and then have left over time for the day job! LOL!

  3. Me three! I'd love to 'unblock' my brain at times:)