Monday, April 19, 2010

Another New Week

What a fun weekend. The DH and I took off for the Hard Rock Café in Foxwoods Casino on Saturday. We both enjoy the Hard Rock and visit new ones whenever possible. I swear I must be the most accident prone person you’ll ever meet. I was walking across the restaurant in my high-heeled books and BANG! Fell. I didn’t even have a F’ing drink yet. The place was packed and let me say – it was very embarrassing. I was a bit sore on Sunday – mostly my right wrist. Like I need THAT hurt.
After dinner and a few drinks…surprising I was walking much better. LOL Seriously I was just more careful. Though the hostess told me it happens more than she’d like to admit. Think they might want to do something about the hardwood floors??? Just a thought.
Anyway, we walked about the shops and decided to go into a slots room. I told the DH I was only willing to lose ten bucks. He offered me twenty, but I declined. I took out five to begin with. I roller coastered up and down for a bit and was up to ten when I turned over the ticket to the DH. I went to another machine and began playing. It was a 1 cent machine. I know last of the big spenders. I wound up winning $12. At the same time my hubby won on his machine a few feet away. He won $194. We took our money and drove home. We left ahead and had a free night out. What could be better? Probably me not falling.
Sunday we went house hunting. We’ve been here five years and while we love our home, we’re growing out of it. With all the kids, grandbaby, and three dogs it’s not too hard. We didn’t see anything we really liked, so maybe next time.
I did do something productive this weekend. I submitted a quickie to my editor. Under the new EC guidelines they have a 7-10k quickie. I had a story I thought would work. I originally was trying to shorten it to make it a naughty nooner, now I don’t have to. If this gets accepted I have to give a big shout out to fellow EC author Sandra Stewart who took the time to read it and make suggestions to shorten it.
Did you do anything exciting over the weekend?


  1. Sounds like your weekend was waaay more fun than mine! I'll just live vicariously through you; I've played the slots only once and lost the amount you won. Wasn't too happy, but was my first time and we'd budgeted for my lousy gambling skills! I'll stick to scratch off lotto...

    Fingers crossed on the submission!

  2. You had a great weekend no matter that you fell! It sounds wonderful! And winning-- paid for the night out.

    I didn't do much this weekend.
    (Sorry I didn't get that post about the shuttle sighting up sooner!)

  3. I'm not a gambler Molly. $10 was all I was willing to lose and I didn't even want to part with that. So winning was a pleasant surprise. :)

    LOL Kaye. I meant I wished I'd checked the blogs sooner. :)

  4. HA. You sound like me, Ms. Klutzo! LOL. If I fall, guaranteed it'll be in a crowded, very public place. Good job on the earnings though.

  5. My one and only trip to Vegas, the dh and I both had a roll of quarters--that was our gambling budget, but we made it last a whole weekend.

    Congrats on getting the story sent in. Good luck with it.

  6. Well, that's it then! I know what the problem was... you were wearing your high-heeled BOOKS. Next time, try the boots. I think you'll find that they are less clunky. Hey, when you fell, did they open to a juicy smut scene?? :)

  7. ROTFLMAO....figures Mia would catch my mistake. In fact it did open to a juicy smut scene and the entire place wanted more, more, more. LOL