Friday, April 16, 2010

Another Friday...

Another unproductive week. I have a long list of things that need to get done. Some include work stuff that I’m under deadline for – April 30th is fast approaching. Some of it is writing related – which I’m not doing any of. I have my local chapter stuff that needs to get done and of course there’s always spring cleaning that needs tending to.
Screw it. It’ll all be there when I finally decide to do it. The weather has been nice here. Every night after dinner the DH and I go for a walk. Most nights we take the granddaughter with us. Now she’s gotten to the point where she’ll go behind the bar after dinner and pull on her stroller. Smart little turd, she knows where it’s stored. It’s hard to believe she’ll be a year old in less than two weeks. All my family is coming in to town next weekend for her party and then my other daughters the following day. I’m so glad T’s birthday didn’t fall on my daughter’s. At almost 13 she’s having a difficult time sharing her mother with her niece.
Hopefully I’ll be able to shake whatever this is that has me doing nothing. I really need to be writing. Book 1 in the Freedom Fantasies series releases next Friday. I haven’t finished book 2. Only about 8-10k away. Book 3 is complete and ready to submit, but my editor wants them at the same time. And of course there’s always the Cougar story I need to finish. I’m only about 18k away from the end! LOL
Oh well…if someone finds my muse please return it quickly!
Have a fun weekend.


  1. Mine returned, but like you, family issues have intruded!

    Smart granddaughter:) Always a joy to watch little ones grow up.

  2. Hang on and the muse will be back. Have a good weekend, Amber!

  3. Hope you had a great weekend! Maybe our muses are vacationing in Cancun together, LOL