Tuesday, April 27, 2010


Okay, so I don’t have much going on today.

I DID write THE END on Spend The Night With Me, book two in the Freedom Fantasies series. I know I need to add one scene, before sending it off to my editor. Hoping by Friday the latest.

Play With Me, book three, will be submitted at the same time.

Still waiting to hear about Submit With Me. It’s a short-short 7k. It’s a role playing story like the others in my series.

I did receive a few good reviews over the weekend I’d like to share:

Body Shots:

Title: Wild Lickins
Authors: Amber Skyze
Genres: GLBTQ
Site Date: Feb 23, 2010
Online Link: http://www.nightowlreviews.com/nightowlromance/reviews/Review.aspx?daoid=6184
Score: 3.25 / 5

Off to edit! Happy Tuesday.


  1. I need to edit today. I need to be good like you.

  2. Nice review! You are quite good at concentrating when you need to. I am scattered right now! My oldest just told us she and her boyfriend are engaged! Yay! Can't focus at all.