Monday, April 12, 2010

New Week

Over the weekend I received final line edits for Pretend With Me. Just a few tags needed to be added – oh and my blurb needed to be redone. I’ve never had to rewrite a blurb. I hate writing blurbs in the first place, so you can only imagine how agonizing it was to do it a second time. Alas, I did it and got it off to my editor.
I managed to make it to my writer’s meeting where author C.D. Yates gave a workshop on writing Romantic Comedy. If you haven’t heard of her she has a few very books out. You can check them out here: It was a very informative workshop and I learned a few pointers to add to my stories. So I’m glad I could attend.
I’ll all signed up for RomantiCon. Just need to book my flight. I’m dragging my DH along with me. We’re flying in a day early and staying a day longer. We had fun last time we were in Ohio for work and thought we’d site see again. We have to arrive early because planes do not like me. I suffer from motion sickness and well…it can get pretty ugly. This way I’ll be fine for all the fun.
In other news I partnered with Goddess Fish Blog Tour (see on the left). I’ll be featuring different authors from time to time, along with contests. I believe the first author will be this week. I’ll keep you posted on that.

In other news someone on the web has decided to bash pen names and mine was one of them. I have to laugh because thanks to this person my blog traffic has increased. So THANK YOU!!! And while some may be laughing at my pen name a lot of people ARE buying my books.

I have to wonder if these disgruntled bloggers are frustrated wannabes.


  1. Bash pen names? I love your pen name. Glad it helped in the long run. Cool! Good luck with your book. Let us know when you hear about a release date.


  2. I love your pen name, too :). As you know, mine was another one that was bashed. It's upsetting that some people have nothing better to do than bash others. Have a great day, Amber!

  3. I too love you pen name. It's very cool. Pen name bashers? Well anything to bring in traffic and more potential buyers! lol

  4. Good to hear your revised blurb for Pretend With Me is off to your editor. I like writing blurbs, but synopses not so much!

    As for pen name bashing, it's a shame that people don't realize every person has feelings. But their comments are giving you more traffic, so that's a plus.

  5. Bashing pen names? Where? Sending you viewers and readers so that's a good thing!