Monday, April 26, 2010

Contest Announce

And the winner is….Maria. I let the birthday girl pick a winner.

Please contact me at amberskyze AT aol (dot) com to claim your prize.

What a busy weekend. Saturday we celebrated the grand daughter’s 1st b-day and Sunday we celebrated my youngest 13th. Family came in from NY and they’re taking us to breakfast before they get on the road. I’m partied out and ready to get back to normal!

I’ve been doing a lot of writing lately. Added almost 5k to my current wip the last two days. Should finish it before the week is over. It will be nice to get it off my desk.

Off to breakfast and then relaxing the rest of the day!
Happy Monday!


  1. Yay Maria!!

    Two parties and you still managed 5K? put me to shame...all I managed was to type up what I'd already written last Tuesday! Happy b-day to the youngling and the new teenager!

  2. Woot! I'm really excited...just emailed you


  3. Yay for Maria! 5K is awesome, Amber. Congrats!