Friday, April 9, 2010

Mixed Bag

Today I woke up itching to write. YAY! Seriously I think it’s been almost two weeks. Yesterday I contemplated quitting. Giving it up. Saying f*ck it all. Why should I continue when I can’t write? I wondered if I reached the end of my career. I guess the next few days will give me an idea.
It felt good to move my story forward today. As I’m writing this my heroine is pressed against a wall, her pants down around her thigh high boots waiting for her hero to put a condom on. Yup, I left her hanging. It will only make her want it more tomorrow when I get back to her. ;)
I have to work tomorrow. The downfall of my job. It’s also my local chapters meeting day. I was really looking forward to the workshop on writing funny. I’m hoping my clients get done testing early enough so I can make it. Somehow I doubt it will work out that way. Oh well.
The weather is back to mid 50s and some rain today. Like we need rain. It’s not supposed to be heavy so the rivers shouldn’t rise to flood levels again.
In all this flooding l lost my hairdresser. The mall where she worked was the one all over the news. The one flooded to the roof and the security guard trapped inside.
I’m VERY picky about who I let touch my hair. For 16 years my cousin was the only one who cut and highlighted my hair. When I moved to Rhode Island six years ago I had to find someone new. Now mind you, I did travel the three hours back home the first year just so K could cut my hair. That got to be a bit much.
T called me last night. She found a new place to work until the mall is functioning again. I quickly made an appointment for next week.
Off to work now. Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.


  1. I know what you mean about hairdressers...I'm picky about who touches my hair too! Still haven't found one I like down here yet. These days, I go twice a year to my mom's, who has done an excellent job the last year!

  2. I know that feeling when the words won't come. Sometimes it's because my real life is so stressed. Other times it's because I don't know where to take my story. But we all have those days and weeks, sometimes even months! Some good days, some not so much. Anyway, you have a great weekend and write like the wind when you can, Amber!

  3. SO glad you're writing. Have a great weekend!

  4. Are you kidding me? You are a damn good writer! No quitting!