Tuesday, April 6, 2010


A lot of writer’s I know say that sometimes their story comes to them in dreams. I’m not one of those lucky people. I tend to dream about people trying to kill me or harm someone in my family. Wouldn’t make for a very romantic story.
I’ve been stuck lately. Not sure why. Not really stuck, because I re-read one of my wips and thought, this isn’t half bad. I was excited to get back to writing it…until I opened the document. I also started my cougar story as part of the cougar challenge. Wrote the first ten pages and feel I’m off to the right start. Still when I open this document – nothing. I just stare at the page and type nothing.
The other night I dreamt of being with another man, other than my DH. He was a very sexy Italian. I was standing on a stair, he was ground level. I wrapped my arms around his neck and the words I love you were on the tip of my tongue. Yet, I was too scared to say them. I feared they wouldn’t be returned. But I could feel the love radiating off him as he hugged me. He held me like he never wanted to let me go. And then he whispered those three magic words and my heart melted. I remember squeezing him tighter and returning his sentiments. Then I woke up.
BUT…I was left with an overwhelming feeling of love all day long. That giddy, toe curling, feeling you get when you first fall in love. The feelings have stayed with me the last few days. I want to use them when my H/H get to the point they confess their love for one another, but I have to get there. I have to write a few more scenes before they can realize their love for each other.
How do I get the words to flow so I can finally use one of my dreams?


  1. you can always write that scene then insert it later!

  2. Wow! What a wonderful dream. Try to keep the essence of that feeling alive. I know it's hard -- when it fades, it fades. But like Cindy says, try to write the love scene while that feeling is still fresh. You can go back and write the lead in scenes after that.

  3. Cindy already said it:) By all means, write the scene in your head first. The rest will come later.

  4. Talk about a DUH moment! LOL Thanks for slapping me upside the head ladies.

  5. What they said. don't slap yourself too hard. :)

  6. Let him tell the story. I'd go with that. Great dream!