Thursday, December 9, 2010

So Much To Do!

Christmas is just around the corner. How the heck did it sneak up on me like that? I haven’t even gotten the tree up and decorated. That’s the chore for this weekend, in between working and the DH having the guys over to watch the Patriots. He does this once or twice a season. I can hardly argue. He doesn’t ask for much. It’s just this year the timing isn’t so good.
I told our daughter that we’d go shopping while the guys stuffed their faces and screamed obscenities at the television. She seemed to like that idea.
This weekend is the last I’ll have to work until next year – YAY! I’m still employed, but that’s subject to change at any given moment. I know a few people were let go Monday, but I’ve heard somewhere in the range of 200 would be given pink slips before Christmas. There are only 400 of us on the account. Scary. Merry Effing Christmas, right? I wish I could expose the jerks, but it would definitely cost me my job. So I’ll bitch about it here! :o) Okay, I’m definitely on the mend. Oh, and I can walk pretty good without wincing.
Tomorrow starts the 12 days of Christmas. Be sure to drop in for your chance to win!


  1. Glad that you are feeling better. Walking without wincing is always good. I agree about Christmas. It seems that it has just sneaked right up. There is nothing decorated in my house yet. I might put the candles in the windows tonight after word. I might be the only house on the block with nothing yet. Not good. Not good.

    Can't wait for the contest.

  2. Amber - You're in my thoughts daily. Email me anytime - want to talk to you. I'm off to search for your email addy!