Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Special Guest - Destiny Blaine

Thank you for being a hostess on our 12 Days of Christmas Blog Tour. It’s great to be here today. I’m stopping by with some exciting news about a short paranormal Christmas story released today at Siren Publishing. Writing as Addison Avery, I love to write paranormal Christmas stories. Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match has an important Christmas message and I hope readers interested in alternative romance will take a closer look at Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match.

I brought along some information to share and as mentioned in the blog promo, I’m taking you behind the scenes and sharing one of my favorite excerpts from Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match by Addison Avery.

Thanks so much, Amber! Welcome. Anytime. :)

Destiny Blaine

Sex Shifters and a Vampire: An Unlikely Christmas Match
AVAILABLE: Tuesday, December 14th

AVAILABLE: Tuesday, December 14th
This new release is offered at a 10% discount for four weeks.
A Special Christmas Feature
[PolyAmour: Erotic Shape-shifter Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/M/F, with M/M, vampires, sex-shifters]

Conrad Cleveland isn’t ready for a relationship, much less designated mates. He has valid reasons he wants to avoid the shifters waiting to claim him. A very old vampire, Conrad understands the sacrifices he’s expected to make. The sex-shifters waiting to claim their vampire have no idea what transformations Conrad will soon face.

With the holidays approaching, Conrad is left without choices, and he’s forced to accept the fact his skirt-chasing days are over. He reluctantly acknowledges the consequences of finding his shifter mates, and through them, Conrad discovers a most unusual but quite perfect kind of love.


Kimberly planned to have a hell of a good time with Conrad. She’d been excited about their relationship since she first learned about him.
Two hundred years old, Conrad rarely had a woman for longer than a month, but over the course of his lifetimes, several visited his bed. Conrad rarely drank from a vein even when he desperately sought a sip of blood. Some believed he feared intimacy like mortals once feared the black plague or vampires shuddered with the mere mention of a stake through the heart.
Like it or not, Conrad would eat her up like his last meal. He might as well accept what he had coming because Kimberly couldn’t wait to spread her legs and let him have a real fine time.
Kimberly graciously accepted the cup of coffee Conrad handed her after they returned to his house. She noticed the way he traipsed around the galley kitchen, acting like a caged animal, pacing the parameter of the domestic area.
“I don’t bite,” she teased.
“I do,” he reminded her.
She clapped her hands. “Oh, goodies! Maybe we can get started quicker than I expected.”
He arched a brow. “What do you mean?’
She threw her arm over the back of the curved-frame chair. “You’re going to be crazy about me. And I can’t wait.”
“Ain’t gonna happen.”
“Let me guess, you don’t find me attractive?”
He looked her up and down, and she enjoyed the silent appraisal. “It’s not that,” he admitted. “My life is too complicated right now.”
“You don’t want a mate?” She knew he didn’t. Quite frankly, she didn’t care.
“Not really.”
“Don’t need the headaches?”
“Definitely not.”
“Don’t have the patience?”
“The time?”
“Absolutely not.”
“Can’t find the energy for some of the most erotic fucking of your lifetime?”
He gasped.
“That’s what I thought,” she said smugly, sitting back in her chair and enjoying the ambiance. “I’ve never been in a home decorated for the holidays. This is quite unusual. Do you celebrate Christmas?”
“Yes, every year.”
“Hmmm…mind if I ask why?”
“It’s a holiday the humans celebrate and one I firmly believe in.”
“You can’t go to heaven,” she stated flatly.
“I don’t believe that.”
“You should. You can’t die.” She sighed. “Or at least, you won’t meet your demise like a normal human.”
“Maybe not, but one day, the world will end, and when it does, I plan to go to heaven then.”
“I see,” she muttered, eyeing the scattered holly above the mantel. She certainly had her work cut out for her. Conrad apparently didn’t believe in the old vampire customs. Rather than argue or contradict him by presenting evidence to prove her point, she enjoyed the pretty tree with its festive ornaments and bright lights. The smell of pinecones filled the room, and she couldn’t help but feel all warm and fuzzy inside.
“I take it you weren’t interested in a horse?”
She shrugged. “I wouldn’t say that.”


  1. Congrats on your new release Destiny. Vampires are very sexy and everyone loves a holiday story!

  2. Hi Marie~Thank you! I'm thrilled with the cover Jinger Heaston created. It has such a nice holiday feel:

    What do you think?

    Hi Amber~Thanks again for hosting a day on the tour! Beautiful blog!

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  3. congrats on your latest release. Love the sound of this book. Sounds great. :-)


  4. Congratulations on the new release Destiny!
    It sounds like Kimberly definitely has her work cut out for her, getting Conrad to give in is going to take some very hard work ;)

  5. Pretty dang cool concept! Love it! Good luck.

  6. Congrats on the new release! Sounds great!


  7. im way late but congrats on ur new release! andit sounds wesome

  8. Love holiday stories and this one sounds yum. Good luck on the release, Destiny.

  9. I loved the excerpt. And I plan to do some major book shopping this weekend!

    Tracey D

  10. Congrats on the new release! Sorry I missed the comment deadline, but I was at work all day.
    I'm really curious after reading that excerpt. I want to know more about the shifters.

  11. Destiny I'm thrilled you stopped by and shared your new book with us. I can't wait to sink my teeth into it.

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