Thursday, December 16, 2010

12 Days of Christmas - Day 6

We’ve reached the halfway mark of the 12 days of Christmas contest. I can’t believe Christmas is only 9 days away. I’ll be busy next week.
I ran myself too much yesterday. By noontime I was flat out on the couch with my ereader. At RomantiCon I met Shoshanna Evers. She’s such a friendly person. Not to say the other authors weren’t because they were all great.
Anyway she was telling my husband about her book coming out called Ginger Snap. She explained about the use of ginger called ginger-figging. He was totally fascinated – don’t take much to get him excited he is a man after all. Yesterday it released over at Ellora’s Cave and I immediately bought the book. Within an hour I’d devoured the entire story and boy was it sizzling. All I can say is Holy Hotness.
I highly recommend this book to everyone!
It’ll be another day on the couch for me, with another new book. I’m in the mood to read Christmas stories.

The winner of Day 5 contest is: Linda Kage. Send me an email to amberskyze @ and I’ll send you a copy of Talk Dirty to Topaz.

Day 6 question of the day – What does the police officer learn from Nikaya’s driver’s license? Yup, it’s in the excerpt.
Tomorrow I have a special guest, so the winner will be announced on Saturday, when the 12 Days of Christmas returns.

Ignited available from Ellora’s Cave

Got Fantasies? Nikaya does. She longs to be loved by two men.

Nikaya is celebrating her birthday with a new Mustang. As she’s climbing the mountain in her shiny new car, a police officer comes out of nowhere. He pulls her over and treats her to a birthday spanking. With a sore butt and a burning need to orgasm, she’s whisked away to a cabin.

Braden and his best friend Hank have a few surprises up their sleeve for the birthday girl. They include whips, floggers, chains, blindfolds and more. They hope to make all her fantasies reality.

Three hot bodies, sex toys and a spanking machine are only the beginning for Nikaya.

Nikaya floored the gas pedal as she climbed the windy mountain road in her new black Mustang. The beige plush leather seats caressed her legs. The Mustang, a gift to herself for her thirtieth birthday, roared up the hill with ease. Some might look at thirty as the end of having fun, a time to grow up and figure out where they were going in life, but not her. No, she knew exactly where she was going and the car was not some midlife crisis purchase. She looked at thirty like an awakening to a new decade—one that would allow her more freedom to explore who she really was.
With the top down she felt alive. Warm air blew her long sandy blonde hair away from her face. As she drove higher and higher into the mountain, blood pumped through her veins. She was free.
The sun dipped behind the mountain caps. Nikaya didn’t worry as dusk settled upon the town of Desmond Point. She knew the lay of the land like the back of her hand. She pressed the pedal slightly harder with her high-heeled sandal, gunning the engine on the desolate road. Her fire-engine red fingertips gripped the steering wheel. One wrong move and she could find herself flying over the side of the mountain, crashing on the rocky bottom. Adrenaline soared, her heart pumped wildly. She loved living on the edge, the thrill of adventure.
A quick glance in her rearview mirror alerted her to trouble.
“Shit,” she cursed, noticing the glare of the flashing red light. “Where did he come from?” The road had been virtually empty for the last two miles.
She slowed down and found a safe spot to pull over. Was this the right thing to do? The flashing lights weren’t on top of the car, they were inside. She’d read articles about crazies who liked to pretend they were police officers. They’d pull over unsuspecting women and then rape them. Could this guy be one of them?
She tapped her fingertips on the wheel, contemplating what she should do. Should she call and verify he was for real? Her cell phone probably wouldn’t get reception this high up the mountain. She couldn’t take off and leave him standing there, just in case he was a true officer.
Another thought popped in her mind. Would he give her a speeding ticket? A ticket was not something she wanted for her birthday. Maybe he would cut her some slack.
“Evening, ma’am,” the man said, approaching the car.
“Sir.” His sun-streaked brown hair fell haphazardly around his face. He wasn’t in uniform. He was dressed in black slacks and a short-sleeved white button-down shirt. The top three buttons were undone, exposing a small patch of dark brown hair. He looked more like someone who spent most of his days on the beach, rather than driving around in a police car. Another glance in the rearview mirror warned her he wasn’t driving a police cruiser. A shiver of fear passed through her as she gazed into the most astonishing blue eyes.
“Do you realize how fast you were going?” he asked.
She shrugged, indifferently.
“I’m gonna need your license and registration.” He leaned two muscular hands on the door.
He smelled of sun and sand.
Nikaya obediently dug through her purse, looking for the documents. Once she retrieved her license she handed it to him. “Look, officer, I didn’t mean any harm. I—”
“Step out of the car, ma’am.”
“I said, step out of the car.”
“What is this all about?” Surely this could be handled from the safety of her car.
His stern voice prompted her out of the car.
“Hands against the car. Legs spread.”
“You’re joking, right?” She looked at his face and he didn’t appear to be kidding. He looked stone-cold serious.
Shaking his head, he pointed to the hood of the car.
Nikaya did as she was instructed, cursing under her breath.
“Excuse me?” He placed a hand on the small of her back.
Heat coursed through her body from his touch.
“Nothing,” she spat. Then added, “Sir.”
He snickered behind her.
Condescending bastard.
His hand roamed south, resting on her bare leg. As he pushed his body against hers she felt his hardness rub against her. He whispered in her ear, “Spread ’em.”
This definitely was not the norm, she thought, swallowing back the urge to cry. His touch felt hot against her cool skin. Nikaya spread her legs.
“I see from your license it’s your birthday today.” His hand crawled up her leg and under her skirt. “Ummm, no panties.”
“I have no use for them. They’re cumbersome,” she admitted.
“Oh, so wet,” he whispered, grazing his finger along the folds of her pussy.
Nikaya bit her lip, she would not moan. Just because the touch of his finger along her slit set her soul on fire. She would not allow him to know how he affected her.
“Did I do something wrong, officer?”
“You were racing up the mountain at a pretty high speed. Do you know the dangers of these winding roads?” He patted her down.
“I’m not armed.”
Ignoring her, he continued his search. Both hands caressed her legs before he lifted her skirt up over her ass.
“I don’t believe this is protocol, sir.” Her legs grew wobbly under his touch.
“Are you questioning my authority?” He stood, gently guiding her body onto the hood of the car.
“No, it’s just—”
She was quieted by his hand swooping down, smacking her across her bare ass.
“Ouch! What was that for?” She attempted to cover her sore cheek.
He quickly grabbed her hand and pinned it over her head.
“For getting obstinate with a police officer.”
“I find it hard to believe you’re a police officer.”
“You don’t believe I’m an officer? I guess I’ll have to convince you.”
His hand came crashing down on her buttocks again.
And again.
“Please stop. I’m begging you.”
“Begging me, huh? It’s your birthday and you know what that means, right?”
“What?” she choked. The sting in her cheeks sent the rest of her body into a tizzy. The burn had her pussy pooling with juices.
“You need to get your birthday spankings. One for each year. I see here you’re thirty this year. I’m going to slap that sweet ass thirty times and each time my hand cracks those luscious cheeks I want you to count. Do you understand?”
She understood but she didn’t agree with him. There was no way she was going to stand there and accept his spanking.
“I’m waiting for an answer, Ms. Murphy.”
“And if I don’t?”
He chuckled.
“Let’s just say you won’t like the consequences.”
She was tempted to scream for help but knew no one would hear. Except maybe one of the owls hooting in the distance or a nocturnal animal but they wouldn’t save her. There wasn’t a house for miles and the likelihood of another car driving up the mountain at this time of the night was slim. She was at the mercy of this man. She had to do what he said or else.
“Yes, I understand.”
“Good.” He smacked her ass.
“I’m waiting.”
“One,” she cried.
He smacked her a few more times.
“Two, three, four…”
“You’ve got the hang of this.” His smugness irritated her. Her ass needed cool water to extinguish the burning radiating it.
He continued slapping her cheeks and she continued counting until they reached thirty.
“You’ve been a very obedient girl. Maybe I’ll let you go without a ticket.”
“I still don’t believe you’re a cop. Where’s your cruiser? Where’s your badge,” she challenged. He pressed her harder against the car hood and draped his body over hers.
“You want to see my badge? I’ll show you my badge.”
The sound of his belt coming undone pierced her ears. The zipper descended. He still had a strong grip on her wrists.
“What are you doing?” she demanded.
“Showing you my badge.”
“I believe you. Just give me a ticket and I’ll be on my way.”
“Oh honey, I’m just getting started.”
With his free hand he positioned himself behind her. His leg pushed hers farther apart. He guided his stiff cock to the edge of her cunt.
“You want this, don’t you?”
She remained silent. She wasn’t about to admit that she was turned on. The way he warmed her ass caused a stirring she hadn’t felt in a long time. Excitement. She was highly aroused and the prospect of being fucked against her new car, on the open mountain road, had her adrenaline soaring.


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