Sunday, December 26, 2010

Versatile Blogger and Winners

I was given this award by my friend Cynthia and fellow EC author and friend Kathy Kulig. Coming up with 7 interesting things about oneself is not as easy as you'd think. Here is my list. Hope you enjoy them!

1. I’m an only child, but didn’t grow up spoiled. :o)
2. I can remember phone numbers and birthdays of friends from when I was six years old.
3. I come from a family of Florists and Bakers and can’t do either. I was an accountant for years. (see #2)
4. I hated all writing assignments in school.
5. I’d never been on an airplane until I was 35
6. All of my nearest, dearest, best friends throughout my life have been named Lisa.
7. I was born a man – NO just kidding. I just couldn’t think of a #7. :0)

Now on to the winners of days 11 and 12.

Day 11 - Avril, Anny, Sarah - Sarah and Avril send me an email to amberskyze AT aol DOT com to collect your prize! :o)

Day 12 - Cathy M and Joder - emailed to you.

Thanks everyone for taking part in my 12 Days of Christmas contest. I had a lot of fun and I hope you did too. Hope your holiday was full of love and happiness.



  1. Amber - you are so weirdly interesting! Hope your Christmas was wonderful!

  2. Loved your interesting facts about yourself!! I hope your Christmas was very MERRY!

  3. It was a very fun couple of weeks, thank you very much Amber. And big thank you for my copy of Splashing Good Time. I hope to start reading it tonight.

    Happy New Year Everyone