Monday, December 27, 2010

Snowy Monday

If you’ve seen the weather, we’re getting hammered here in the Northeast with Blizzard like conditions. The snow kept us housebound yesterday. On one couch my oldest daughter and I chilled all snug under blankets while my youngest daughter and mother shared the other couch. This left the DH upstairs in the sunroom with the three dogs watching football. He really didn’t mind.
The dogs had so much fun playing in the snow while the DH shoveled. I watched from the window. The DH left I should stay inside and not shovel this year. God, I love this man.
I have to ask – what would possess a person to go out in blizzard like conditions when the governor has asked that you stay off the road? Watching the news I saw a few cars flipped on their sides because of accidents from the extreme weather. What in God’s name is so freakin’ important that you must go out?? Unless you need to get to a hospital, I can’t find a reason.
Today as the storm winds down I’m hoping to get a bit of writing in. That was the plan yesterday but I spent most of the time dozing. The last month finally caught up with me. We did watch the movie Dear John last night. I managed to make it through the entire movie. I believe we started watching The Knowing, but I fell asleep.
Hope you’re warm and dry wherever you are today!
Happy Monday!


  1. There is absolutely no reason for anyone to be out in a blizzard, unless like you said, they need to go to the hospital. Although, I forgot to buy coffee...hmmm...nah...! Snuggle in, and keep warm.

  2. Happy Monday! What a sweet husband you have. It hasn't snowed once here yet this year. There was a few flurries in the air on Christmas day, but that was it.

  3. I'm snuggled up as well. We're in New York so the blizzard is winding down. The Spousal Equivalent got called in to work after they cancelled the day, so it's just me and the offspring lazing around.

  4. Happy Monday! We finally have some sun, but the rains return tomorrow. I know you're snowed in, but I kinda miss those days!