Sunday, February 5, 2012

Superbowl Sunday

I'm looking forward to the big game tonight. We planned to have a party at home, but were guilted into hanging with my FIL. He claims this will be the last superbowl he'll likely see. He does have a few health issues, but I'm sure he'll be around next year. I think he means Patriots superbowl. Either way I'm looking forward to eating, eating and eating some more.
I'm making a Buffalo Dip and a Chili Dip. The DH loves so much. My MIL will order tons of food. More than we'll ever eat, but that's okay.
I'll be cheering for the Patriots. Hard to cheer for the Giants when they beat my 49ers to get to the Superbowl. Besides, I know the hubby would be extremely happy to see his team win another championship.

Happy Sunday!


  1. Have fun!!! We'll be eating a lot too! I'm making Buffalo Dip, water chestnuts wrapped in bacon, and salmon in a lemon dill sauce. No diet today!

  2. Hi Amber! We had SB stuff going on here too. Lots and lots of eating! Sorry your team didn't win. But hey-- there is always next year. Me? I tend to stay out of the fight and just enjoy the company of friends and food!