Friday, February 17, 2012


I’ve been a bad blogger again. This week has been incredibly crazy busy. Yesterday I spent the morning at the hospital with my daughter while she had foot surgery. I brought my Kindle Fire and my current wip to edit. HA!

They allowed me to go into the OR with her until she fell asleep. I wiped away tears because she was nervous. My heart broke. I wiped away more tears, as did the nurse. I fought back my own tears. Any parent knows when your child cries it breaks your heart. When she was finally out…I released her hand, kissed her cheek, told her I loved and walked away. Three steps later I heard her call, “Mom.”

Luckily I have a wonderful hubby who talked me off the ledge while she was in surgery. I tried to be nice and update her father. BIG mistake. He wanted to talk about his worries of her gaining weight because it will take almost a full year before she can return to softball. I gave him a piece of my mind. I mean seriously. You’re going to talk to me about weight when your daughter is having surgery?

Needless to say the next hour I spent waiting for someone to come tell me everything was okay. Finally the doctor came out and gave me the good news.

Nothing got accomplished while waiting or when I got home. She’s doing good, though a bit sore.

On a lighter note I did have a nice lunch with Nina Pierce on Wednesday.

Let’s just say TGIF!


  1. Wow, that's a tough day! I'm glad your daughter is doing better. Glad you had a good lunch with Nina!

  2. Whew, thank goodness everything worked out okay!

  3. Oh how fun that you and Nina get to have lunch together. Dirty martini for me! I know your daughter will be fine. I will always remember the day my daughter drover herself home from practice with her thumb hanging by a thread of skin. Yup. That's the kinda day catchers have...

  4. Glad your daughter is doing well and yes, some men have to take any situation and turn it around on themselves. Sooo glad you don't have to put up with that on a daily basis anymore!