Friday, October 12, 2012

It's Friday - So What

So it’s been a helluva week. Yesterday I had some dental work done and let’s just say they didn’t fix it properly. I can’t eat without being in pain. My right side is sensitive to hot and cold and my jaw is in agony. I’m going back today to have it fixed – hopefully properly.
If that wasn’t enough…I was at my desk and talking to the hubby, who was upstairs. I’m yelling up and he’s yelling back down. I had to go into our daughter’s room, which is right next t to my office and I come out still talking to him. He wasn’t answering so I go to the living room and what do I find? Him, on the floor, his teeth clenched and holding his leg, his knee to be exact. The baby gate is on top of him…this was kinda funny to me, but I tried not to laugh. He’s hurt.
First I must explain…there’s something about people falling and hurting themselves that all the women get into a fit of laughter over. I don’t know why…I inherited that gene. So, pinching my lips together I rush over and try to casually ask if he’s okay. I’m trying not to laugh. I know he’s in pain because he’s wincing and the man doesn’t complain ever.
It took all my might, but I managed to keep my composure and find out what happened. It appears he missed a step on the way down the stairs and fell…oh, and he had his laptop in his hand. Guess what he says…I saved the laptop.
Great!!!! And busted up his knee in the process. It’s badly bruised, nothing was broken. When the doctor asked if he wanted the morphine he declined. I offered to take his share but they weren’t willing to give it to me. Bastards!
And so that’s how my week has been. I have to work overnight tonight and all day tomorrow. Let’s hope he can hobble around enough to take care of the baby for me. 

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