Friday, December 20, 2013

Mistletop Hop

I'm participating in the Mistletoe Blog Hop. The contest runs through December 23rd. I'll announce the winner on the 24th along with the winners from my 12 Days of Christmas contest.

Just comment to win a copy of Tied Up in Tinsel

Christmas Trees. Holiday Music. Sugar Cookies. Glitter and Bows. And Best Of All... the Mistletoe. Romance books enhance our holiday traditions. Who doesn't love to cuddle under a warm blanket near a fire place on a cold day and read? Hop around with us to celebrate the best romance books of the season.

Read excerpts from some good books. Enter each of the author contests. Tell us what you like to read during the holidays. Find some new-to-you authors to ring in the New Year with.

Trust isn’t something Patience Middleton gives very often, especially in the bedroom. She’s been looked at as a slut for wanting more than a vanilla sex life. When she meets William LaBorde he’s offering more than she can handle. William wants to know all her deepest darkest desires in the bedroom. He’s sexy, sweet and willing to make all her fantasies come true.
Patience gives in briefly until William gives her a familiar look of what she perceives as disgust. William convinces her, his only wish is to make her happy in the bedroom, against the wall or under the Christmas tree.
Things go awry when Patience dream fantasy turns into a nightmare. Can William save the day and will she finally give herself to him; body, heart and soul?


“What brings you here tonight?” She didn’t notice a wedding band, but that didn’t mean anything. He probably had a small child who wanted one of the hot new toys. She didn’t envy him. She didn’t have the first clue what children liked. If it weren’t for her sister’s request, she’d likely just give Kyle a gift card and be done with it.
Maneuvering the toy department never had been her thing.
“My friend’s child could use some cheering up. Father’s been gone for a bit.”
Was that sadness in his eyes? Her heart swelled; his story touched her. He truly cared for his friend’s child.
“Funny, me too. My nephew. Do you have any children?” Nothing like getting right to the point. Not that she wouldn’t be interested in him if he had children; she’d prefer her man to be completely hers.
What the hell was she thinking? She wasn’t going to be dating this man. She’d just met him. She knew nothing about him except he had a soft side toward children. And she certainly wasn’t going to engage in a relationship with him. She didn’t need the headaches, but cozying up to his big, strong body did sound appealing.
“No kids. You?”
“Nah. I’m not ready for them yet. Maybe in five, six years.” She figured thirty-five was a good age to have children. By then she’d be done traveling or doing whatever the hell she wanted.
“Seems reasonable. I like the idea of children now, but I’d be willing to wait too.” He tilted his head and flashed a grin.
Patience laughed despite herself. He was flirting. She liked that.
“When should we get married?” Again, she couldn’t believe the words slipping from her mouth.
He pretended to look at a watch on his wrist. “I’m free in a few hours. I’m sure there’s a justice of the peace out there willing to perform the ceremony.”
“I believe my calendar is free too.” Patience played along with his game.
“Seriously, though, I’d like to take you to breakfast or coffee after this, if you’re really free.”
How did she answer that? She was free, but should she go with him, alone? He was funny and cute. It was just breakfast, after all. They’d be in a public place.
“Sure, why not?”
“Great! Do me a favor. Keep my spot, and I’ll be right back.”
“Okay.” She found it strange that he decided to take off after agreeing to breakfast, but he said he’d be right back. Hopefully no one would get upset when he returned and cut the line. He wouldn’t really be cutting, but those who weren’t here to see him wouldn’t realize that.
She watched as he jogged off into the parking lot. She lost him in the mix of cars.
When twenty minutes passed and he didn’t return, she wondered if William had been real or a figment of her imagination. She didn’t have time to worry, though. The store would open, and she had to fight off the cold numbing her toes.


  1. He sounds like a nice guy if he's bringing a toy to a friend's child.

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  2. I love to read everything at Christmas time, but holiday stories always jump to the top of my TBR, so they can help get me into the holiday season!
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  3. I read all the same books I do at any other time of year. I'll read some holiday-themed books in addition to the usual but I never go hog wild. Thanks for the giveaway!

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  4. Holiday is the perfect time for reading, holiday and other stories.
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  5. I'm like Jody. I read the same type of books I always do, but if one of my favorite authors has a holiday themed book out I will move it to the top of my tbr list. Thanks for being part of the hop and for the chance to win. <^_^>
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  6. I'm so intrigued to know what he went to get or do. Thanks for the teaser, now I can't wait to find out. Definitely going on my immense Amazon wishlist.

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  7. Sounds like a great book! Thanks for sharing the hop and giveaway. Wishing everyone a wonderful and magical holiday season! evamillien at gmail dot com

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  9. Sounds like a great book ! I like the easy interaction between William and Patience . And I love the cover. The red really makes the book pop!

  10. Happy Holidays and thanks for the amazing giveaway!
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  12. I read mainly paranormal romance. Thanks for being a part of this FUN blog hop.

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  16. New use for tinsel...and to think I threw out some because we didn't use it!