Sunday, December 15, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Day 4 features Unwrapped. Comment to win an ebook

With no family to celebrate the Christmas holiday, Meg Trainor agrees to open the library on Christmas Eve in case someone is looking for solace in a book.

What she doesn’t expect are two devilishly handsome strangers to get stranded in her small Massachusetts town.

Brad and Shane Griffin are headed to New York for the annual toy convention, when their car breaks down. They’re in for a surprise when they find one hot librarian waiting for them.

Can three lonely souls and a bag full of toys bring new meaning to Mistletoe?

“So about those copies, I’ll get them started for you. You can wait out here for your partner.” She emphasized the word partner, letting him know she understood.
“Are you sure? I can do it,” he offered.
“It’s my job.”
Brad handed her the folder. “Okay, thanks.”
“Make yourself comfortable.”
His hand reached out, sweeping down her arm. “You’re a very sweet woman. I hope my request doesn’t offend you in any way.”
She looked at him quizzically. “Of course not. How will making copies offend me? It’s my job.”
“It’s just I…never mind. Go ahead; I’ll wait here for Shane.”
Meg made her way to the back room, confused by Brad’s remark. How in the world could he possibly offend her? He asked her to make copies of his products. They were toys, for God’s sake.
Meg smiled to herself as she reached the copier. The cover read Turquoise Toys—an odd name. Opening the folder, Meg’s mouth fell to the floor as she stared at the pictures in front of her.

Meg couldn’t believe her eyes. These were not the toys she had imagined. She thought he was talking about children’s toys. These were not intended for children. These were adult toys in every sense of the word. There were floggers, paddles, butt plugs, ball gags, straps with dildos attached and handcuffs—all Turquoise, explaining the name. Meg wasn’t naive about the BDSM world. When she realized her desire to submit she wanted to know the who, what, where and why. She read everything she could about the subject. She knew enough about it to understand.
She’d even bought a few toys to experiment with. Like the ping pong paddle she’d purchased when she was curious to know what it felt like to be spanked. It wasn’t something she did regularly but when she was in the mood for a good orgasm she’d slap her cheeks a few times before using her favorite vibrator. She never had dated a man who was actually part of that world.
Brad was gay so he wouldn’t be offering. What a shame because she could see them having fun together!
Could he be carrying a bagful of goodies? Maybe Santa was going to be extra special to her this year. Please Santa I’ve been a good girl all year long. Please tell me you sent Brad with something extra special for my stocking this year.
Halfway through the job, Meg decided it was time to go back to her stranger. He’d been out there long enough. By now, he knew she was aware of his secret.
Turning she ran smack into his broad chest again. “We really need to stop meeting like this.”
Clearing her throat, she took a step back only to come against the copier. “I was just coming out to see you.”
He stepped closer, closing the small gap between them. “How are you doing?” His voice dripped with desire.
“Fantastic. Your copies are just about done.”
Damn she wished he’d step back. He was much too close. He turned her on.
“Are you sure?” He traced his finger along her cheek.
She gulped, her body overheating.
He bent closer, taking her lips. He kissed her slowly. She melted against him; her arms snaked around his neck. He touched her breast, causing a moan to escape her lips.
His bulge brushed against her. He wanted her.
While he kissed her, his fingers unzipped the back of her dress then unsnapped her bra. He pushed the garments down around her waist, exposing her breasts.
His mouth covered her nipple, sucking until it puckered. God his mouth felt good.
How long had it been since a man had his mouth on her? Too long. Lisa was right; she needed to get laid, but not by Kenny.
When Brad moved to the other breast she thought for sure she was going to crumble to the floor. Her hands gripped the edges of the copier to steady herself.
“I’m going to fuck you Meg, right now against this copier. Are you okay with that?”


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