Thursday, December 12, 2013

Special Guest Dana Lorraine

Hey everyone! I’m Dana Lorraine, writer of dirty words and sexy men. I’m thrilled Amber let me stop by to tell you about my erotic paranormal ménage release, Dying to Love Her.
So…who here is going to eat way more Christmas cookies than they should this month? I see lots of virtual hands waving in the air. LOL! Me too—I’ve already started inhaling them. Wouldn’t it be nice come January if we could lose all those extra pounds without dieting or strenuous exercise? If there was a place like Empriva Fitness, the gym I write about in my short novel, the pounds would melt away…pleasurably.

When Melanie Woodson joins Empriva Fitness she expects to lose weight, not gain two sexy vampire personal trainers. With an exercise regimen that includes passionate horizontal workouts, fat-burning orgasms and lusty words of encouragement, she’s in serious danger of forgetting their relationship is based on a business agreement and not mutual attraction.
Alec Kosta and Rook Abernathy, best friends and owners of Empriva, have waited over a century for the right lifemate to come along. Now that they’ve found Melanie, with her endless curves and quick wit, they’re ready to give up countless lifetimes to spend just one with her.
But time isn’t on their side—they’ve tasted her blood and now mere days are all they have to convince her their love is real or risk losing their chance to be with her forever.

A Romantica® paranormal ménage erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave

Ready to sign up for a lifetime membership? Mmm-hmm…that’s what I thought. Melanie, my curvy heroine, has no idea what she has to look forward to when she joins. But she sure feels the instant attraction when she sees one of her personal trainers, Rook Abernathy, for the first time.
Keep reading and you’ll see what I mean.

Melanie Woodson did a whiplash-worthy double take, her gaze locking with that of the gorgeous guy in the limo. Her steps faltered in time with her heart and she lost her ability to breathe. No way could that look be meant for her. And then he smiled, all cocky and delicious. Dizzying warmth swept through her body. The heat he sent her way left little doubt—he had lowered his window to check her out.
The sides of her lips quivered and she worked them into something she hoped resembled a smile.
Mr. Gorgeous, eyes as bright as the lights lining the city street, responded with a seductive, hungry lick across his lips that jumpstarted her stagnant steps.
She’d been without this kind of flattering attention too long. Melanie swallowed down hard and fidgeted with her hair. Usually, she did the sizing up as a booking agent for a premiere modeling agency. Men like him only turned on the smoldering routine for her when they wanted something, like a high-profile booking.
Rather, he gave off the vibe that he wanted to book a room for them at The Ritz.
If she had any chutzpah she’d pull her v-neck sweater down an extra inch or three, saunter over and show him that a hotel room wasn’t necessary. The limo gave them plenty of room to get to know each other better. But her hectic work days, the lonely nights and the extra pounds she’d packed on during the last few years had robbed her of the energy and confidence to kick her chutzpah back into gear.
Who am I kidding? The guy wears sex appeal like a second skin. I’ve probably got a yard of toilet paper stuck to the bottom of my boot. Melanie’s cheeks flushed hot. She gave her feet a little shake while hurrying along the busy sidewalk, just in case and peeked over her shoulder one last time.
His pucker-perfect lips launched a thousand fantasies. With a wistful sigh, she entertained a particularly steamy one involving whipped cream, her nipples and his tongue as she walked into Empriva Fitness, the most exclusive fitness and weight-loss center in New York City.
The door flew shut behind her. Melanie rode out the lingering sensations of desire as she approached the muscled man seated behind the reception desk. She breathed easier taking note of the dark-paneled wall that blocked the rest of the facility from view. Those gyms with the expansive windows and wide-open lobbies intimidated her. No way could she exercise knowing her spandex-covered ass was on display for the whole world to see.
Melanie signed in, bypassed the empty chairs and searched through the assortment of magazines fanned out across a table. She grabbed a mindless gossip tabloid, looked up and lost all interest in the celebrity cover story.
Mr. Gorgeous stood by the entrance and suddenly the room felt like the waistband of her skirt—tight.
He treated her to a devilish wink and her heartbeat sped past its target rate to a cardiac-arrest pace in seconds. On the upside, she might be burning calories.
Had he followed her inside?
The possibility made her tummy churn. She hadn’t flirted in forever. Considering her dating track record, she’d never done it effectively either. Melanie dropped the magazine, whipped around and hurried across the room hoping with a little more space between them she might actually think of something witty to say.
She didn’t need to see him to know he watched her every move. The prickles of heat climbing her spine told her so. Self-consciousness didn’t have time to settle in—not once she saw his picture hanging on the wall. Curious excitement sharpened her nerves and she had to get a closer look.
Mr. Gorgeous hadn’t posed for the photo alone. In a vibrant trance, she skimmed her fingers over the glass-covered image of the magnificent man beside him. Dark sensuality radiated from his hard-edged smile, so different from the playful sexiness of Mr. Gorgeous. Both flavors of masculinity whet her appetite and she licked her lips wanting to sample both.
“Perhaps if you’re nice to me I’ll arrange for you to touch the real things.”
Copyright © Dana Lorraine, 2013

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  1. I am NEW to paranormal books and said I needed to dive into the genre for more exposure to my blog. I enjoy spicy and what better way to experience than a spicy paranormal.

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    1. Hi Maya...thanks for commenting. You're right...with paranormal spicy can take on a whole new meaning. The old rules can be thrown out...heck, there don't even need to be any rules.

      Happy Holidays! Dana Lorraine