Saturday, December 21, 2013

Day 10 - 12 Days of Christmas

Today I'm giving away a print copy of Ignite the Flames, along with swag or a $10 gift card to Amazon. Just comment to win.

Splashing Good Time

Reece Collins craves a no-strings-attached, torrid sexual encounter. Problem? The only person offering is ten years her junior. Nathan Donovan has lusted for Reece forever. One brief encounter leaves him yearning for more, but when she splashes cold water on his plans, he has to choose between walking away or spanking some sense into her.


Nikaya is celebrating her birthday with a new Mustang. As she races up the side of a mountain in her new car, a police officer comes out of nowhere. He pulls her over, spanks her then whisks her away to a secluded cabin. There, the officer—and a friend—have a few surprises for the birthday girl. Surprises that include whips, floggers, blindfolds and more.

Research Required

On the run from the mob, the last thing Ethan needs is a distraction like Bailey. She’s sexy and sassy—and he wants to take her where she stands. Of course, Bailey would never have sex with a stranger. Then again, Ethan is her best friend’s brother, so that makes him a friend too, right? And what’s a little sex between friends? 


  1. A bunch in one! All of them sound great!
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  3. All three sound like great stories... Thank you for the giveaway :)

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