Thursday, October 15, 2009


Today I picked up my wip, Research Required. Haven't touched it in a few weeks. I still need to write the ending, but I know how I'm going to wrap it up. Instead I need to go back and read it from the beginning. I have a tendency to put insert name later, what color eyes did he have in the beginning, and things like that when I'm in the writing groove. Those are small details in the grand scheme of things to me.
I'm re-reading to get a feel for the story. I think I can't move forward with the Valentine's story I'm writing for Noble Romance because this story is unfinished. I need to put it to bed and submit it. Then I can move back to Dirty Cupid(tentative title).
It didn't help that I've been sick for almost two weeks now. Turns out it wasn't the baby after all. I have acid reflux and they had to change my meds with the pregnancy. Well I'm not getting enough. So my Crohn's doctor upped my meds today. She said it may take up to a week to feel better. If that isn't the issue, she said it could be my gall bladder, but again, can't do anything for that for another 5+ months. Let me tell you it's not fun when you can't eat anything. Today I'm eating toast and applesauce. Yum - NOT. lol
Back to self-edits. Another favorite thing of mine.


  1. Toast and 5-yr-old would be in heaven!

    Good luck on the edits!

  2. I have a story I'm trying to finish and put to bed, too. I finished the rough draft in handwriting. I typed for two hours the other night and only got half the handwritten part in (and I type about 96 wpm). I was going to do more today before the softball games but my older daughter gave my husband my computer bag instead of his (they do look a lot alike) and my work is now with him. I know she didn't do it on purpose and it's an honest mistake but it's frustrating when plans don't work out. I'd have to drive an hour or more to get my stuff from him and then it'd be time to go back for the games so no point.