Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Why oh why must I edit????

More from my local chapter writer's meeting on Saturday. As I mentioned a lot was discussed on what types of writers we are. It wasn't the type of writer I am that surprised me. It was how much writer's love editing. At least 2/3 the group went on and on about how much they love editing. Me I dislike it - immensely! lol
I don't know why really. Maybe by the time I get to the end of the book I'm tired of it. I don't mind when I go thru edits with my editor's. Well, that's not completely true. If I have to do more than two rounds I get grouchy. My husband will take me to dinner and keep the kids at bay.
I'm not a perfectionist by any means, so it's not that I think my work is perfect. Tho, I won't lie, I wish it were. lol I think it's just when I finish a book I'm done. If I let it sit too long I won't edit it.
It's sad really because I have three contemporary romantic comedies that have potential - if only I'd edit them. I wrote them during NaNo the last few years and when I was done, I was done. I haven't looked back.
As a writer who wants to do this full-time some day it's not a good thing. I need to find a way to commit myself to these books that haven't been edited. These are the books waiting to be submitted to agents. And if all else fails, they'll go to an e-pub.
If there are any writer's out there who are like me and despise editing can you share tips with me on how to just do it? Please? :)


  1. LOL...I envisioned one round of corrections (7 chapters=7days, right?) and we'd be finished. Ha ha...joke's on me. I'd 'tabled' a few corrections for more discussion, and one chapter ended up having 4 rounds of edits before everyone was satisfied. By that time, I just wanted to be done with it and quit arguing. Sent them off and yes, made hubby take me out to dinner!

    I'll know better next time:)

  2. I really don't mind editing but I find it rather boring. Like you, when I'm done with a book, I'm done.

  3. Editing. A cloudy affair for me. I often say I do not write. I edit.
    All those writers who can do timed writing events and come out with useful text???
    Not moi!
    I find that ONLY with painstaking editing do I get the refinements that make the characters real to me. Editing also helps me discover the nuances of the conflict that, at the start of the book, seemed like just a bunch of silly cliches.
    I often think of a friend of mine who has pubbed, oh perhaps 22 novels, and who says that she earns minus 25 cents per minute. OH, IF I LOOKED at my editing techniques in terms of time spent, I would earn minus 25 DOLLARS an hour. But then I get to be proud of what I've got. Finely tuned, exciting stories, if I say so myself.

  4. Depends. Long, rewriting edits are loathable. Short comma fixes, no problem. Like you, I'd rather not do anything more on a story if it requires deep thought and reworking, or plot sculpting. When I'm done, I'm done.