Thursday, October 29, 2009

More Rain

We've had more rain than necessary since early April. I'm tired of it. I want to see the sunshine, even if it's cold outside. The poor golden is going nuts. He needs his exercise and can't get it when it's pouring outside. If he doesn't run for at least an hour a day he drives me crazy. Needless to say I'm at my wits end. LOL Can someone please send the sun my way?
Today I'm preparing for my son's birthday party tomorrow. My baby will be 22. My daughter is job hunting. She's doing the seasonal thing, so I'll be tasked with babysitting while she's out looking. What does that mean for my writing? I guess we'll see. I'm taking my friend Regina's idea and leaving my wip open all day. I'll try to add to it when time permits.
One more day til Friday and soon all the little trick or treaters will be parading to our door. The grand baby is going to be a monkey, can't wait to see her in her costume.
Until tomorrow - stay dry!


  1. Congrats on your son's birthday. Good luck to your daughter in her job hunting. My daughters are looking for jobs, too. I can't wait till they find one.

  2. Happy son's birthday and me too - keeping my WIP up all day tomorrow! Good luck to your daughter. It's rough out there! Oh, and I'll take some of your rain!