Thursday, October 8, 2009

Life Holted

Life seems to be at a standstill for me lately. I'm writing, but not much. I have three books due out before the end of the year. Two have been thru edits, one hasn't. My editor is "away" like some of my writer friends at RomantiCon, so I won't see edits for Ignited for a bit.

I'm still waiting on two cover arts. Funny, I received the one for Ignited. I love this cover. I really really want to share it, but haven't been given final approval yet.

My mind is still in a fog most days. I've come down with a stomach bug. That's taking a toll on me. I ran to the doctor's yesterday to make sure it was nothing to worry about. The baby has a nice strong heartbeat, so all is well in that department. Now if only I could recuperate from this.

We have a weekend of softball tournaments and I'm hoping I'm well enough to sit at the field all weekend.

I've been trying to blog, but I get an idea and it passes just as quick as it came. LOL

I just want to crawl up and sleep until this passes. Hope all my writer friends are doing better.

How about some eye candy?


  1. Feel better soon, Amber!! I can relate to waiting on edits. Mine's at Romanticon too, darn it. Why do they get to have all the fun? :-)

  2. BEST TO REST! Whenever I get that sluggish feeling and may becoming ill, I know I better stop now or whatever I've got will be worse. And more time will be lost!
    I AM SO PROUD OF YOU with 3 books out before the end of the year! You are so prolific. I am trying to ramp up the number of my releases but I seem to get stuck here and there. My own 9-5 biz. A car accident last week which was hit and run. The dog was sick.
    You'll get back in the swing soon and be just as prolific!