Wednesday, October 14, 2009

We Are the Champions

Yes, my daughter's team won the 16U tournament. I thought we were playing in the 14U division, but I was mistaken. Our first year 12's were playing in 16U. It was a nice ending to the fall ball season. Two trophies. Oh, and yes, the coach lied. We have practice two nights this week and he decided to sign us up for one last tournament with the one local league who hasn't ended their season. Too bad we had prior plans and will have to miss the tournament.
I've found a new guilty pleasure on television. Not brand new, but one of those shows I hate to miss. It's Destination Truth. Josh Gates has to be the funniest guy I've watched in a long time. I tune in just to see what crazy things will happen on his explorations. If you've never seen the show it comes on after Ghost Hunters on the SyFy channel, Wednesday nights at 10pm EST.
Things are still quiet on the writing front. I'm not getting up at 4am anymore. I'm lucky if I crawl out of bed in time to wake my daughter for school. I have to figure out a new writing schedule. I'm not going to bed any later, so nighttime writing isn't happening either. I'm frustrated. :)


  1. You'll get it figured out:)

    WTG on winning the tournament! Woo hoo:)

  2. Congrats to your daughter, Amber!! I gotta go check out that show now. Sounds fun. Like I need another distraction. :-)

  3. Congrats to your daughter and her team. We're a brand new travel team 18U so we haven't won many games yet, but will in time. Our Fall Ball just began a couple weeks ago. But then, South Florida is still sweltering - some days have been 100 degrees in October!

    I'm falling asleep earlier, too, and I'm no good at getting up early. Like you, I'm frustrated as I want to write more, but don't know when to find the time. More softball tonight - the rec team this time but same coaches and some of the same girls.