Monday, June 7, 2010

Burning Bridges

I had another blog subject planned but my friend Molly posted one on author’s behaving badly and I wanted to add my own personal take. It isn’t so much writer related, but it does show you shouldn’t burn bridges because you never know when you’ll need the person you’re speaking badly about.
About seven years ago I found myself in an interoffice relationship. We lived 200 miles away from each other, but we were growing close. We kept the relationship under wraps…well I did tell one friend at work.
My boss at the time suspected something, but never said anything to me. I transferred closer to my now hubby. I still worked for the same company but on a different account. Said boss began telling everyone about her suspicions. I wanted to tell her off and tell her to mind her own f*cking business, but I didn’t. instead I took the high road and remained quiet. I eventually left the company and found a better job.
One day this former boss called and said she knew about a great job she thought I’d be perfect for. Four years later I’m still employed with the company she helped me get in to…she is not.
Bottom line is if I burned the bridge I wouldn’t have this wonderful opportunity. I get to do what I love best – writing and work out of the comfort of my home. no commute, no rush hour traffic and no office politics.
As I watch certain authors take down fellow authors it makes me sad. We’re all struggling in a lonely business. Friends are your outlet. Why would you want to belittle them?
Okay enough of that! In other news I’m over at Coffee Time Romance today for their June Jubilee. Stop by if you get a chance! My forum is Amber Skyze, bringing out the naughty side in you. Just like my blog! LOL

Happy Monday.


  1. (round of applause) 'You never know when you're going to need someone...' So TRUE:) And yours is a perfect example.

    Several years ago, I was involved in a public yelling match, one totally unprovoked. I'd made an innocent remark and the other person took it the wrong way. Unfortunately, it was at a football game, and of course, soon everyone was taking sides! Fast-forward eight months: She blew up at a baseball game, which resulted in getting herself banned from anymore games until she sought help. A week later, she'd been diagnosed with a chemical imbalance and was on Zoloft. I had kept being friendly to her because our kids were the same age and in the same sports. Now she's living in Georgia and I occassionally hear from her; she's usually bragging about her 'connection' to a 'famous' author, hahahahaha! long as she's drumming up sales instead of bad-mouthing me:)

    You just never know.