Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fried Brain

Hey everyone!

Still playing catch up from being away over the weekend. My mom's surprise party was a blast and she was VERY surprised. I managed to write THE END on my Cougar Challenge book - YAY. I have to do self-edits and then off to my editor.

I hit the 10k mark on the other book I'm working on Stranded. Only 15k to go! LOL

Spent yesterday taking care of the granddaughter. First my daughter was working and then she was having blackouts. So she spent a few hours at the ER. She's good and so is the baby. She's having blood pressure issues, but they say it should pass, but they'll keep a close eye on her.

Today I'm exhausted! :)

Happy Tuesday.


  1. Bet you ARE exhausted and OMG on the writing. YOu are tearing it up, honey! Good for you.

  2. Hope your daughter is okay!

    Yay for pulling off the surprise:)

  3. You've been busy! Good to see you doing so much writing!

  4. Wow, lots happening. I'm glad your daughter will be all right and I'm very glad you had fun at your mother's surprise party.